Information on the Corona-Crisis

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  • General Overview

    Research and administrative operations

    All research and administrative operations at the WWU will continue without restrictions.

    Service offices

    All University service offices for instructors, students and researchers will return to normal operations at the start of the summer semester (1 April 2022) which includes the provision of on-site counselling services.

    Home office rules

    For all non-academic staff, as well as academic staff at the ULB, WWU IT and University Sports, service agreements on flexible workplaces will take effect once again.
    As we mentioned in our letter of 17 March, transitional provisions apply until the end of the Easter holidays (24 April 2022). For more on this, please read the information on
    For all other academic staff, it is still possible to make individual arrangements on working times and workplaces in coordination with one’s supervisor. Again, you can find more information via the webpage link above.

    Non-teaching-related events (conferenes, congresses etc.)

    Non-teaching-related events, such as conferences, congresses etc., can take place in person again starting at the beginning of the semester. Please observe all rules concerning arrivals, departures and conducting events which are valid at the time of the corresponding event.

    Teaching and examination activities

    The summer semester will be conducted in person as planned.

    Consequently, instructors should be in Münster at the start of the lecture period (4 April) to offer courses and consultation in person. Until 24 April, students will have the option of either taking part in classes digitally or gaining access to their content in an alternative fashion. During this time, examinations should be administered in digital form if possible. Any courses and examinations which must be conducted in person due to their specific character (e.g. lab practicals, practical exercises in sport or music) can take place as normal.

    As of 25 April 2022, students will no longer have the right to participate digitally in courses and examinations. Nonetheless, instructors are free to continue offering supplementary digital teaching elements and hybrid teaching formats wherever this makes sense didactically.

    Moreover, in the interest of our students, we recommend that you continue to live-stream or record your lectures held in auditoriums which are equipped with the corresponding technical equipment.

    3G checks

    Students, staff and visitors may enter all WWU buildings without having to verify their 3G status. Starting 3 April 2022, instructors and students may participate in in-person courses again without verification of 3G or 2G status. In other words, 3G checks of participants of in-person courses will no longer be conducted as of 3 April 2022.

    The heads of all facilities and departments will receive a separate letter with instructions on how to handle saved information on immunisation status.

    General protection measures

    In all situations involving personal interaction at the WWU, we recommend that you continue following the now well-established infection protection guidelines and hygiene rules (AHA+L).


    It is still possible to obtain free self-tests through the University. As of 20 March 2022, each employee at the WWU can receive one free self-test per week upon request.

    Face masks

    We strongly urge you to continue wearing medical face masks in all University buildings, at your workplace and wherever people congregate together, which includes all courses and examination situations. We firmly believe that face masks play an important role in protecting each other from infection. At the same time, we wish to show solidarity with those whose health and well-being depends on everyone’s mindful interaction in society. Please continue to do your part by wearing a mask!


  • Procedures at our Institute

    With the summer semester 2022 we are going into the fifth Corona semester. In the meantime we have found more or less good ways to live with the virus regarding our research and teaching at our institute. Nevertheless, the situation in the summer semester is new: On the one hand, the number of infections in Münster is still high. On the other hand, most of the restrictions, such as checking the vaccination status, regular testing and the obligation to wear a mask, no longer apply. We are happy about the opening up of studies,  particularly in sports practice, but at the same time we would like to encourage you to continue taking responsibility for yourself and all the others. Therefore we strongly recommend:

    •     continue to wear a mask in lectures and seminars; the mask can be removed for a short time when contributing to a conversation
    •     in practical seminars outdoors, the mask can be dispensed with
    •     In practical seminars in sports halls, a mask should be worn if possible (e.g. in quiet phases of physical experience or in conversational situations)
    •     even if testing is no longer mandatory, we recommend voluntary tests at regular intervals
    •     last but not least, we strongly advise you to take advantage of the recommended vaccinations.
  • Library service

    The Sports Science Library can be used again without prior registration and login. 

    Further information: 





  • Support for students


    • All lecturers are aware that the studies will bring special challenges for you. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact them directly if you have any questions about the course.
    • As always, the Service Center for Sports Science will help you with any questions regarding the organization of your studies:
    • For more extensive problems due to the Corona crisis, e.g. in health, family or financial matters, we have established a special counseling center for sports students, which is headed by Dr. Christiane Bohn. You are also welcome to contact the counseling center in questions of self-protection during attendance events:

    You are suffering financial distress?
    In coordination with the executive department ‘university funding’ the Corona emergency fund for students was established. Foundation of the WWU, university society Münster e.V. and the AstA bundle their powers and try to help students through these difficult days.
    Please follow this link for further information.

    You are willing to help other students who are in need of financial support?

    Please click here for further information about donations.