Materials and Software

The OpenLab is equipped with the latest technology for the investigation of the biomechanical, physiological, neuronal and psychological foundations of movement.

The following Materials and Software are at our disposal: 


  • Kinematic measurements with passive (retroreflective) markers: 10 Oqus-cameras (Qualisys)
  • Piezo-Force Plates: 8 Plates à 90 cm x 60 cm (Kistler)
  • Wireless Electromyography (EMG): 16-EMG-Electrodes (Noraxon)
  • Two 3D-Accelerometers, Inclinometers 2D (Noraxon)
  • Electroencephalography (EEG): actiCHamp with 32 channels (Brain Products)
  • Treadmill: Pulsar 3p (h/p Cosmos)
  • Two bicycle ergometer: Daum Ergo Bike Premium 8 (Daum)
  • Wireless ocular movement measurement: Dikablis (Ergoneers)
  • Spiroergometry: Metamax3B (Cortex)
  • Beamer: Optoma EH 505 (Optoma)
  • Mobile back-projection wall: 406 x 310 cm / 386 x 290 projection area (Vario64, AV Stumpfl)
  • Mobile projection wall: 500 x 380 cm / 480 x 360 cm projection area (AV Stumpfl)
  • Phantom desktop (Sensable)


The software is installed on the measurement computers as well as on the computers aloft:


Webinar Qualisys

Visual3D Wiki

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