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Sport didactical research designates the Department's focal point in research. Research in Sport Didactics is understood as empirical social research and depending on the research question finds application in both quantitative and qualitative methods. Against the backdrop of social modernization processes the research activities fundamentally aim at education and teaching processes of children and adolescents in sports as well as their preconditions, processes, effects and impacts. We see sport pedagogy as a field of variety. Therefore we adress categories such as ethnical and social origin, gender and movement status. Three central influencing factors are relevant:

  • Personal factors: These include in particular attitudes and competencies of PE teachers. Research projects i.a. address the training of PE teachers, the qualification of trainers and instructors as well as research of further education.
  • Task specific factors: These include in particular activities of PE teachers in terms of a purposeful, systematic support. Research projects i.a. address the development support, as well as the individual support and the support of boys.
  • Environmental factors: These include in particular framework conditions in terms of a sociospatial learning environment. Research projects i.a. address informal learning processes, the participation and integration in schools, all-day schools, sport clubs and the educational network.