Psychomotor Learning & Development

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Psychomotor learning & development aims to foster diagnostic tools and interventions for promotion of specific aspects found within childhood development. Studying and analyzing changes and, further on, providing implementations via advanced education or lectures is the basis for a good transfer of knowledge into real life situations. Surpassing the boundaries of general developmental studies, this system incorporates influences at a psychomotor level on social interactions into the research field which allows for a holistic approach towards childhood development.
Basic developmental theories such as Paige’s Cognitive Development Theory and Newell’s Theory of Constraints represent underlying constructs. The combination of motoscopic and motometric techniques, which means a combined analysis based on sport motoric tests and quantitative measures, is used to assess children from a prenatal age onwards. For the implementation, the target group here are not so much the children but the people who work with children on a pedagogical basis in elementary and primary school. Another topic which should be noted is supplementary research including sport motoric testing within schools and individual promotion within the pedagogical area relevant to individual development.
Techniques applied range from kinematic, kinetic and qualitative motion tracking to tests conceiving developmental steps during childhood.
A current study investigates the influence of skateboarding on ADHD patients. It is called “Skaten statt Ritalin” and is a cooperative work with Skate Aid, the district government of Münster and the Universitäts Klinikum Münster. A further cooperation is ongoing with the University of Lethbridge, Canada.

José Walter Tolentino Castro successfully defended his doctoral thesis

181009 Walter Thesis
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On 26.9. José Walter Tolentino Castro successfully defended his doctoral thesis. One committee member, Prof. Dr. Mochizuki, participated via a video conference connection from Brazil, which gave the ceremony a particularly international note.