Katrin Thiele


Handball, 2. Bundesliga


WWU Münster since WS 05/06


Fachbereich 07: Psychology &  Sports
Master of Education Gym/Ges Sport, Geschichte und Spanisch

Athletic succes

•    Nordeutsche Jugendmeisterschaft 2004
•    Berufung Jugend- und Juniorinnennationalmannschaft (17  Länderspiele)
•    div. Jugendkader (norddeutsche und niedersächsische Auswahl)
•    Erreichen der Play-Offs um den Aufstieg in the 1. Bundesliga 2009 and 2010


Support for the dual career: sports and studies

Katrin writes...

After an athletic career, a good education is necessary for success at work. This is why many young athletes do not know what to do: WIthout any support, it is impossible to combine sports and studies. This is why I am glad that the University of Münster supports athletes.
Münster became more attractive to me since it is possible to combine sports and a work career. The university and local clubs benefit from this support. I am sure that this new concept helps other athletes as well! Thanks for the support!