Franca Luedeke




WWU Münster since WS 2010/11


Faculty 03: Law (until WS 2011/12)

Faculty 04: Business Administration (since WS 2011/12)

Athletic success

European Championship- Youth rider
Gold (team): 2012 with Parlando
15th rank (Singles) with Parlando
Bronze (team): 2011 with „Parlando“
14th rank (Singles): 2011 with „Parlando“

European Youth Championship
Gold (team): 2009 with Parlando
Bronze (team): 2008 with Parlando
4th rank (Singles): 2009 with Parlando
9th rank (Singles): 2008 with Parlando

European Championship- Pony
Gold (Singles): 2006 with Hillery
Gold (team): 2006 with Hillery
Silver (team): 2005, 2007 with Hillery
9th rank (Singles): 2005 with Hillery
12th rank (Singles): 2007 with Hillery

German Championship- Youth rider
4th rank 2010 with Parlando
4th rank 2012 with Parlando
13th rank 2012 with Quaid

German Youth Championship
Gold: 2008 with Parlando
Bronze: 2007 with Parlando
6th rank: 2009 with Parlando

German Championship- Pony
Gold: 2007 with Hillery
4th rank: 2007 with Quintina JR Breemeersen
8th rank: 2004 with Quintina JR Breemeersen

German Team Championship
Bronze (team): 2010 with Parlando
Silver (team): 2012 with Parlando

Rheinish Championship
Gold Youth Rider 2010 with Parlando

Silver: 2005 with Classic Touch
4th rank: 2005 with Classic Touch

„Preis der Besten“
4th rank: 2009 (Jun und JR) with Parlando

2012 1st rank VM Luhmühlen with Parlando and 11th rank with Quaid
2012 9th rank CIC2* Kreuth with Parlando
2012 18th rank CIC3* Marbach withh Parlando CIC1* 10th rank with Quaid
2012 8th rank CIC2* Schwaiganger with Parlando
2011 6th rank CCI** Strzegom with Parlando
2011 4th rank CIC** Hünxe with Parlando and 8th rank with Quaid
2010 5th rank CIC** Hünxe with Parlando
2010 1st rank CIC* Salgen with Parlando
2010 9th rank CCI* Everswinkel with Janczar
2009 4th rank CICYR** Sahrendorf with Parlando
2009 2nd rank CIC* Bad Harzburg with Parlando
2007 7th rank CIC* Bielefeld with Parlando
2007 11th rank CIC* Hünxe with Parlando
2007 2nd rank with Hillery and 3rd rank with Quintina JR Beemeersen
2006 1st rank CCIP** Moulin Coulandon/Frau With Hillery
2005 1st rank with Hillery and 4th rank with Quintina JR Breemeersen
         CIC* Kamp-Lintford


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