Marius Hülsey


Fencing, D Squad


WWU Münster since WS 2013/14


Fachbereich 13: Biology

Athletic success

2010/2011 – Perspektivkader DFB
2011/2012 -  DC-Bundeskader
2012/2013 – DC-Bundeskader
2013/2014 – C-Bundeskader
2014/2015 - D-Kader

Biggest success
17. U23 Turnier Essen
25. U23 European Circuit Esslingen
1. Landesmeisterschaft Aktive Einzeln
1. Landesmeisterschaft Aktive Mannschaft
1. Internationales Turnier Recklinghausen
Weltcup  Leszno (POL) Platz  10. (2013/14)
Weltcup London( GBR) Platz  14. (2012/13)


Study advices

Marius writes...

It's nice that there is this kind of promotion for top athletes. Without it, it would hardly be possible to practice sport on a high level and studying at the same time. It's nice to know that you have someone to whom you can turn to if there is some trouble.
Thank you to the University of Münster, that it makes it possible to combine sport and education in a high degree.


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