Christoph Haßenberg




WWU Münster since WS 2010/11


Faculty 12: Chemistry and Pharmacy

Institut für Lebensmittelchemie
Food Chemistry

Athletic succes

6. Rank Westfalian Championship 2014
German Championship 2011, 6th rank
Westphalia Champion 2011
CVI Ermelo, 3rd rank
CVI Strasbourg, 1st rank
German Championship 2010, 7th rank
Bronze at Youth European Championship 2008
runner up at Youth German Championship 2008
Youth Champion of Westphalia 2008
2 international wins (Youth) 2008


free use of sports facilities

Christoph writes...

Top-level sports and studies complement each other. Especially, when you get support (e.g time-management).
I hope to be succesful in the next years, not only in sports but in studies, too. And I will enlist the the universitys assistance for this dual career. Thank you!