Sarah Everding


Handball, 2. Bundesliga


WWU Münster since WS 2008/09


Faculty 06 - Department of Educational and Social Sciences
Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft

Atheltic succes

participant 11 Junior international matches
participation in Play-Offs for the First German Football League with SC Greven in 2009 and 2010
champion of the Northern German A Youth Players in 2004
reaching the Europecup ranking with VfL Oldenburg
progress into the Second German Football League with VfL Oldenburg


support of the dual career,  special examination dates,

Sarah writes...

Handball is my life! The combination of top-level sports and studies is a challenge, especially the timing is difficult. It is difficult to show full performance and good achievement. Because of this project, athletes get support to combine both. Thanks for the support!