Eva Brauckmann


Squash, B Kader


WWU Münster until Mai 2010


Fachbereich 13: Biologie, Sportwissenschaften und Mathematik
Lehramt Gym/Ges

Athletic succes

3. Rank Deutsche Einzelmeisterschaft 2010
1. Rank NRW Meisterschaft 2010
Deutsche Vize-Mannschaftsmeisterin 2010 with SC Turnhalle Niederrhein

German Ranking list: Position 3 (December 2010)

2. Rank Deutsche Hochschulmeisterschaften 2009
3. Rank Deutsche Hochschulmeisterschaften 2007
21. Rank Studenten Weltmeisterschaft 2006

Since 2001 in Squash Bundesliga


Support for particiation at the Students WM 2006 in Hungary, reduced tution fees, free use of sports facilities

Eva writes...

It is a great organizational challenge to combine sports and studies. During the active season, I am usually travelling throughout Germany during the weekends. There is not much time for studies. During the week it is necessary to coordinate practice times and lecture times.
Especially the reduction of tution fees was great help for me since my studies take longer because of the sports.