Christoph T. Borowetz





WWU Münster SS 2005 - 2011


Fachbereich 08/ Fachbereich 09 Englisch and Philosophy,
LA Gym/Ges.

Athletic succes

1. 2000-2009 Member of the NRW-Landeskader
2. Trainer at Germania Mauritz Münster since 2004
3. Trainer at HSP Münster since 2006

2001 - Deutsche Jugendmeisterschaft 2. Rank Einzel
2003 - NRW Landesmeister Einzel
2004 - NRW Landesmeister Mannschaft
2004 - Deutsche Meisterschaft, 3. RankMannschaft
2005 - Deutsche Meisterschaft, 3. Rank Mannschaft
2006 - Athlete of the Year DJK Diözesanverband Münster
2007 - NRW Landesmeister Mannschaft
2007 - Athlete of the year in Münster
2008 - NRW Landesmeister Einzel


Until now, I have not used the support.
Kendo, known since the middle of the twentieth century in Germany, has a long and intensive tradition in Japanese universities. Until now, universities of Japan and the USA train Kendo-fighters. However, in Germany this combination is rather difficult.

Christoph writes...

Thanks to the support, I could get to know the professor Fumio Ueda from Tokyo at the Harvard Universiy and could coordinate sports and studies. I really appreciate the support.