Dates & Events of the Institute for Sociology

Expected lecture start of the summer semester 2020

Today the lecture period of the new summer semester 2020 is expected to start officially. Please note that some courses do not start directly in the first week of lectures. For further information please refer to the respective course description in the HISLSF.
Please also note the latest news from the Institute and WWU regarding a later start of the lecture period due to the COVID-19 virus.

Monday, 20.04.2020

QISPOS registration period starts

The QISPOS registration period is expected to run from 20 April to 16 June 2020, during which time all WWU students will be able to register for exams and courses on the QISPOS portal. Cancellation of already registered credits is possible until June 30, 2020.

20.04.2020 bis 16.06.2020

ERASMUS application deadline for the summer semester 2021

Today the application deadline for ERASMUS study abroad in the summer semester 2021 ends.

Monday, 15.06.2020