Preliminary Program

12.00–13.30 Check-In/ Snack
13.30–14.00 Welcome and Introduction: Rector of WWU: Ursula Nelles, Head of IfS: Stefanie Ernst, Organisers
14.00–15.30 Plenary Session: Keynotes: Peter Ludes (Bremen): State-Transformation and Habitus-Shifts
  Panel 1: Methodological and Theoretical Approaches
15.30–16.15 Keynote: Nina Baur (Berlin)
16.15–16.45 Break
16.45-17:15 Nico Wilterdink (Amsterdam):
The Dynamics of Social Inequality: Bourdieu and Elias Compared
17.15–17.45 Gerhard Fuchs (Stuttgart):
Analyzing Power and Transformation: The Contribution of Field Theory and Relational Sociology
  Parallel Panels
Panel 2: Work, Unemployment and Lifestyle Panel 3: Open Panel
09.30–10.15 Keynote: Natasha Slutskaya (London):
Paradoxes of Choice in Dirty Works: is any Choice good enough?
Marta Bucholc (Bonn): Polish Constitutional  Crisis 2015-2016: A Figurational Interpretation
John Connolly (Dublin): Trying to Live and Trying to Die: Habitus and Irish Hunger Strikes
10.15–10.45 Matthias Schneider (Bamberg):
Let us Talk about Manhood. An Explorative Analysis of the Negotiation of Habitual Insecurity in Men Coaching on the Basis of Expert Interviews
Paddy Dolan (Dublin): National Habitus, Sporting We-Identifications and Hybridisation
10.45–11.15 Yasemin Yilmaz (Erlangen): 'Presence and Tacit Knowledge': Employability, Habitus and Interaction: Is There a Change to the Core of Society? Jan Haut (Frankfurt): Social Inequalities and Sport: Persistence or Change?
11.15–11.45 Break
11.45–12.15 Sandra Matthäus (Berlin):
A Praxeological Approach to (Feelings of) Self-Worth as a Key in Understanding Processes of Habitus-Transformation
Angela Perulli / Filippo Buccarelli (Florence):
Emotions, Everyday Life and Social Habitus
12.15–12.45 Francisco Toledo Ortiz (Montréal):
Sport Habitus among Young Professionals as an Observatory of Hypermodern Individuation: Limits and Possibilities of a Figurational Approach
Miklos Hadas (Budapest):
The Tricky 'True Object': Bourdieu's Masculine Domination and Historicity
13.00–14.30 Lunch
  Parallel Panels
Panel 4: Education and Social Inequalities Panel 5: Social Conflicts, Immigration and Democratisation
14.30–15.15 Keynote: Uwe H. Bittlingmayer (Freiburg):
'Education for All' as a Universal Good?! The Challange of Social Inequality
Keynote: Stephen Vertigans (Aberdeen):
Death by Democracy: Killing. Consequences of Western Power Prognosis
15.15–15.45 Norman Gabriel (Plymouth):
Norbert Elias and Pierre Bourdieu on Childhood: the Social Habitus of Young Children
Behrouz Alikhani (Münster):
'Social' versus 'Liberal' Democracy in the USA
15.45–16.15 Ane Refshauge Høyrup (Aarhus):
Norbert Elias in Parent-Nursery Relations. How Trust is Built and Broken in Danish Nurseries
Anja Schmidt-Kleinert (Bielefeld):
Palestinian Israelis as quasi Non-Citizens? Israeli Citizenship and the 'Discourse of Loyalty'
16.15–16.45 Break
16.45–17.15 Laura Gilliam (Aarhus):
Teaching Moral Superiority: Civilising Lessons for Privileged Pupils in a Danish School
Karolina Barglowski (Bielefeld):
Social Expectations in Transitional Social Spaces. Linking Migration and Inequalites
17.15–17.45 Oktay Aktan (Dortmund):
The Particular Role of Teachers with Migration Background in the Secondary Student-Habitus
Inken Rommel (Münster):
'We are the People': 'Refugee-Crisis' and the Drag Effects of Habitus in Germany
19.00 Welcome Reception
Location : Uferlos Lounge Aasee
  Parallel Panels
Panel 6: Environment and Health Panel 7: Global, National and Local identities
09.30–10.15 Keynote: Harald Welzer (Flensburg) Keynote: Magdalena Nowicka (Berlin)
10.15–10.45 Bernd Sommer (Flensburg):
Externalisation, Globalised Value Chains and Drag Effects of Habitus
Florence Delmotte / Heidi Mercenier (Bruxelles) and Virginie Van Ingelgom (Louvain-la-Neuve):
European Citizenship, (Lack of) European Feeling of Belonging and Indifference; Testing Elias's Hypothesis about Habitus Drag Effect with Young Brusselers

Carsten Kaven (Hamburg):  How does Norbert Elias' Concept of Sociogenesis and Psychogenesis Affect the Question about the Gap between Ecological Awareness and Actual Behavior?

Florence Di Bonaventura (Bruxelles):
Italy and Lega Nord: the Power of Habitus for National Engineers
11.15–11.45 Break
12.00–13.30 Closing Session:
Bowen Paulle (Amsterdam), Angela Perulli (CAMBIO), Joachim Renn (ZTS),
Hermann Korte (Elias Foundation)