Tips and information

In this section we have compiled tips and valuable information for planning your stay in Münster. The section is constantly updated and supplemented.

Cost of living

The German Student Support Services assume that a student in Germany needs € 762 a month on average. This amount can be understood only as a rough estimate - the actual cost of living varies not only regionally but also individually. You can see which components the calculated amount is composed of on the website of the Student Support Services [de] [de] (website in German).

Bank account

For a longer stay in Münster together with regular expenses and income it is advisable to open a checking account at a German bank. Some banks offer free checking accounts, so it is worthwhile to gather information in advance. For account opening, the passport or identity card and the registration certificate that is issued by the Citizens' Office are required. In some cases the residence permit may also have to be presented. As a doctoral candidate you should also have your student ID with you because some banks offer concessions for students.


International doctoral candidates in Germany are obliged to take out a health insurance. Information on health insurances can be found here.

Personal liability insurance is not obligatory but very useful. You should check whether your existing insurance, if you have one, is valid in Germany - with a long-term stay abroad, this is often not the case.