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Leisure in Münster

Münster is liveable - and this is reflected not least in a varied cultural offer, a vibrant pub culture and different ways to exercise sports. We have compiled an annotated list of links that can help you organize your free time.

An overview of all current events in Münster can also be found at münstermine, the city agenda.


More than 25 museums from WWU's Archaeological Museum to the West Prussian State Museum offer the right exhibition for every taste. An overview of the museums can be found here.

The most famous exhibition of Münster, "Skulptur-Projekte", takes place every ten years. The next of these exhibitions, which turn the whole city into a museum, however, won’t take place until 2017.

Cineplex, the largest cinema in town, offers space for 2,700 visitors in nine cinema halls. The arthouse cinemas Schlosstheater and Cinema, on the other hand, feature a familiar atmosphere and a carefully chosen program, which often includes films in original version. In summer, the film offer is supplemented by the open-air cinema in front of the Palace. A list of links covering all aspects of film and cinema in Münster can be found here.

Theatre fans will also get their money's worth: in addition to the "Städtische Bühnen Münster" there is the "Wolfgang-Borchert-Theater" at the port, the "Theater im Pumpenhaus" or WWU's "Theaterlabor" to choose from. An overview of these and other theatres and venues can be found here.

Musical entertainment in Münster is, among other things, offered by students of the Music Academy [de] (website in German). Here, concerts that anyone interested can visit free of charge, are held regularly. An overview of further ways to listen to music or to make music yourself can be found here.

Readings not only take place at the public library [de], but also in the planetarium [de] (websites in German).

Night life

With more than 1,000 bars, restaurants, cafés and clubs and nearly 50,000 students who like to go out, Münster has a very lively nightlife. Particularly noteworthy are the port and the Kuhviertel, where the density of bars is the highest. A brief overview can be found in "Münster goes out" [de]. Current events are also found in the "Na dann" [de] (websites in German).


WWU's University Sports organization [de] (German: Hochschulsport, short: HSP) (website in German) offers a very wide range of different sports - more than 100 different sports can be exercised, various sport trips are also included in the programme. More information and offers for sports fans can be found at the sports department of the city of Münster and the Stadtsportbund Münster [de] (website in German). The sports department is also responsible for the urban indoor and outdoor swimming pools [de] (website in German).