Entrance requirements for a doctorate in the smartNETWORK

The most important formal requirement for the doctoral program in the smartNETWORK is that you have a graduate degree in Humanities or in Social Science and that your GPA is a B or better. It must also equate to one of the German degrees that qualify you for a doctorate – these being a Master, Magister, Diplom or Staatsexamen. The degree must be approved before you can commence your doctorate in the smartNETWORK. This approval is conducted by the graduate school that you apply to. You may possibly have to take certain exams before being admitted to the doctoral program.

Admission to a graduate school

A further entrance requirement for the doctoral program in the smartNETWORK is the admission to one of the participating graduate schools – which one depends on the subject you wish to do your doctorate in. The application procedure is compromised of several steps and is individually organized by the various graduate schools. You can find information on this here as well as on the homepage and in the charter of the graduate school to which you wish to be admitted.

Language skills

In order to be eligible for the doctoral program in the smartNETWORK, you must verify certain language skills: command of German and English as well as other languages if made necessary due to the subject in which you wish to do your doctorate. More information can be found here.