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Enrolling in a doctoral program

The last step prior to officially starting a doctoral program in one of the smartNETWORK’s graduate schools is the enrollment in the WWU’s enrollment office (in German). You must enroll either for a certain subject or a certain program – this depends on what your degree which qualifies you for a doctorate is in.

You will find information on the doctorate subjects covered by the various graduate schools in the respective charters.

Both a letter of acceptance to one of the smartNETWORK’s graduate schools and health insurance are requirements for enrollment. You can find more information on students’ and doctoral students’ obligation to have health insurance here (in German). If your employment requires contribution to social insurance (for example if you are a research assistant), you have health insurance through this employment.

Checklist for documents that are required to enroll in the doctoral program

(applies only to international doctoral students in the Humanities and Social Sciences)

  • A written confirmation of approval by your supervisor for the dissertation project is required.
  • The written confirmation of approval should state that the doctoral student may write his or her dissertation in English or else that he or she has sufficient knowledge of the German language to write his or her dissertation in German. Alternatively, you must submit a certificate of a passed DSH-2 (or an equivalent thereof) upon enrolling in the doctoral program.
  • Furthermore, health insurance documentation with a state health insurance company must be submitted. Should you be insured through a private health insurance company, you must submit documentation of your release from compulsory state health insurance (usually this documentation is issued by the AOK).
  • Diploma verification is solely up to your supervisor. However, you must submit certification of secondary education and all your college degrees upon enrollment.
  • All doctoral programs in Pedagogy require not only a written confirmation of approval by your supervisor, but also the approval of Examination Office I (Prüfungsamt I, Link in German).