Involved research groups

Research field & research group

Speaker: Bart Jan Ravoo, Helmut Zacharias

Research Field Coordination
 A Synthesis and self-assembly Bart Jan Ravoo
 B Controllable nanomaterials Jürgen Klingauf
C Nanotools Harald Fuchs

Principle Investigators of the SoN

Field Name Unit Topic of research
A, C Lifeng Chi Physics Self-assembly of organic materials
A, C Harald Fuchs Physics Nanolithography and nanoanalytics
A Volker Gerke Medicine Dynamics of vesicles
A, B Andreas Heuer    Chemistry Theory of complex systems
B, C Jürgen Klingauf Medicine Cellular light nanoscopy
C Wolfram Pernice FOKUS Physics Nanophotonics and single-photon detection
A, B Bart Jan Ravoo FOKUS Chemistry Synthesis of nanoscale systems
B Monika Schönhoff Chemistry Polymer nanocapsules
A Armido Studer Chemistry Polymers and surface chemistry
A, C Helmut Zacharias Physics Electron dynamics of chiral systems
B Carsten Grashoff FOKUS Biology Interdisciplinary quantitative cell biology
Recruitment in progress FOKUS Medicine Electron tomography of three dimensional nanomaterials

Further research groups of specific contribution of the SoN

C Heinrich Arlinghaus Physics Mass-specific structural analysis
A, B Nikos Doltsinis Physics Theory of functional nanosystems
A Frank Glorius Chemistry Organometallic lattice structures
B Klaus Langer Pharmacy Nanoparticular carrier systems
A, B Jens Müller Chemistry DNA hybrid materials
B Johannes Neugebauer    Chemistry Theory of functional nanosystems
B Johannes Roth Medicine Immuno-functional nanoparticles
B Roland Wedlich-Söldner Medicine Self-assembly of membrane domains
C Gerhard Wilde    Physics Nanostructured hybrid materials
A Cristian Strassert Chemistry Photoactive Nanomaterials

Junior groups in the field of soft nanoscience

A Svetlana Gurevich Physics   Theory of self-assembly
B Seda Kehr Chemistry Nanobiomaterials
B Anzhela Galstyan Chemistry Photoactive Compounds and Coating
A, B Björn Braunschweig Chemistry Interface characterization by non-linear optical laser spectroskopy
A Raphael Wittkowski Physics  Active Colloids
C Carsten Schuck Physics  Integrated Quantum Technology