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Four disciplines united under a single roof

Researchers at the Center for Soft Nanoscience (SoN) prepare synthetic materials based on biological models such as addressable nanocontainers or materials that switch their function in response to an external trigger. Besides these fundamental investigations, the high-precision tools required to make and analyze these nanomaterials are developed at the SoN.

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Quantum technologies: New insights into superconducting processes

Energiequantisierung In Hochtemperatur-supraleitern
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Researchers at the SoN and Jülich demonstrate for the first time energy quantization in nanowires made of high-temperature superconductors- where the temperature is brought to the level below which quantum mechanical effects predominate. The results are published in the journal "Nature Communications."
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Meitner-Humboldt Research Award for Ron Naaman

Ron Naaman
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Because of the potential significant impact his collaboration with Helmut Zacharias’s group will have on future research in the area of chiral and helical molecules, the Meitner-Humboldt Research Prize is financing Ron Naaman’s cooperation with SoN researchers for the next five years.
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Two SoN researchers top cited

Glorius Studer

According to the annual citation ranking from U.S. company Clarivate Analytics, Prof. Armido Studer, Prof. Frank Glorius (both Chemistry) and three other University of Münster scientists are among the world's most cited researchers.
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