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Four disciplines united under a single roof

Researchers at the Center for Soft Nanoscience (SoN) prepare synthetic materials based on biological models such as addressable nanocontainers or materials that switch their function in response to an external trigger. Besides these fundamental investigations, the high-precision tools required to make and analyze these nanomaterials are developed at the SoN.

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New research group: High Resolution Cryo Electron Microscopy

Gatsogiannis Group
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"One of our first priorities will be to establish a cutting-edge cryoEM facility at the Center for Soft Nanoscience. We are excited about the numerous future opportunities for collaborative research and confident that the new infrastructure will set the stage for the development of novel biotechnological and therapeutic approaches."
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Award for Johannes Striebel

Bestthesisaward - Johannes Striebel
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Johannes Striebel received the "Best Thesis Award 2020" from the Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstechnik e. V.  for his Masters thesis "Harnessing Macrophages for Cancer Immunotherapy - Adhesion Arrays for Selective Macrophage Capture and Differentiation via Surface Structures." The prize is for 1250 Euros.
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Research Group Riehemann

Chemist admitted to Leopoldina Academy

Armido Studer
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With his work in the field of radical chemistry, Armino Studer has made a significant contribution to the renaissance of the chemistry of free radicals in organic synthesis and polymer chemistry.
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Soft nanomaterials for precision medications

SoN Scientist Interview Series
Mehak Jain
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"For me chemistry and life are all about stability, everything tries to gain the ground state. I am highly motivated to understand and find practical solutions that can contribute towards helping us in the future."
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