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SFB 858 Photo Galleries

  • MSCEC 2015 - Schedule.
  • MSCEC 2015 - A. Studer (left) and F. Glorius with Symposium Lecturers H. Braunschweig, L. DeCola, K. N. Houk and M. Gaunt.
  • MSCEC 2015 - MS_CEC Young Researcher Awardees Janina Bucher (University of Heiderlberg, Hashmi Group), Sven Neudeck (University of Goettingen, Meyer Group) with Prof. F. Glorius (SFB 858, YRA Committee).
  • MSCEC 2015 - Poster Prize Awardees (with Prof. Andrea Rentmeister, right, Poster Prize Committee).
  • MSCEC 2015 - Postersession
  • Gerhard Erker was arwarded with the "Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon" (Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande) by Dr. Reinhard Klenke (Bezirksregierung Münster, Photo: BR Münster).
  • MSCEC 2014 - Schedule
  • MSCEC 2014 - Prof. Studer (right) and Prof. Glorius (left) with Lecturers J. Hartwig, C. Bielawski, P. Seeberger and B. Feringa, together with MS_CEC Young Researcher Awardees Tanja Gaich (3rd from left) and Supitchaya Iamsaard (4th from left).
  • MSCEC 2014 - Auditorium at the Lecture of Prof. B. Feringa (Chair: Pol Besenius).
  • MSCEC 2014 - Postersession
  • SFB858 - Gender Mainstreaming & Reconciliation of Work and Family life. Discuss on June 21st.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: SFB 858 Vice-spokesperson F. Glorius (left) and SFB 858 Spokesperson A. Studer (right) with Lecturers Thomas Carell (LMU München), Guy Betrand (UC San Diego) and Eiichi Nakamura (U of Tokyo).
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: Poster Announcement.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: Speakers Guy Bertrand, Thomas Carell, Siewert Jan Marrinck, Eiichi Nakamura.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: Prof. Glorius with Poster Prize Winners: Thomas Dresselhaus (WWU Münster), Mareike Holland (ETH Zürich), Stefanie Lange (SFB 858, WWU Münster). Not on the Picture: Yuehui Li (Leibniz-Institut für Katalyse, Rostock)
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: Poster Session.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: In the Schloss garden during the Coffee Break.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: Poster Session.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: Posters on Interdisciplinary Research were discussed intensively.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: The SFB 858 welcomes again more than 250 national and international guests.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2013: Poster Session and Discussion.
  • SFB858 - Announcement for the 2nd Industry Forum FoChIn
  • Sfb858 Gallery 000910 2013-03-07-0
  • Sfb858 Gallery 000910 2013-03-07-0a
  • Sfb858 Gallery 000910 2013-03-07-1
  • Sfb858 Gallery 000910 2013-03-07-2
  • SFB858 - Leibniz-Preis of the DFG for Prof. Glorius, with Awardees. (Photo: DFG)
  • SFB858 - Leibniz-Preis of the DFG for Prof. Glorius, Congrats! (Photo: DFG)
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2012: Poster Announcement.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2012: Speakers Shie-Ming Peng, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Christopher A. Hunter, David W. C. MacMillan.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2012: Foyer and Poster Session
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2012: PhD Students at the Poster Session.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2012: Auditorium in the Aula.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2012: At the Help Desk (Dr. Tebben, Mrs. Grüter, Prof. Glorius).
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2012: Prof. Ravoo together with Poster Prize Winners: Sabrina Freye (U Göttingen), Thomas Wiegand (SFB 858, WWU Münster), Nathalie E. Wurz (WWU Münster), Peter Persich (MPI Mülheim).
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2012: Speakers Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Christopher A. Hunter and David W. C. MacMillan.
  • SFB858 - Industry Forum Announcement
  • SFB858 - IRTG Workshop 2011 in Münster.
  • SFB858 - IRTG Workshop 2011, PhD Student Waldemar Hujo.
  • SFB858 - IRTG Workshop 2011, Coffee Break.
  • SFB858 - IRTG Workshop 2011, Prof. Gericke (TU Braunschweig)
  • SFB858 - IRTG Workshop 2011, Dr. Lars Janssen
  • SFB858 - IRTG Workshop 2011, Dinner
  • SFB858 - MINT Academy for female pupils with PhD students (left: C. Richter, H. Wagner, S. Himmelein) and members of the SFB 858 (Dr. Mück-Lichtenfeld, Dr. Waller, Dr. Tebben).
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2011: Poster Announcement.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2011: Speakers Christof M. Niemeyer, David Milstein, Klaus Schulten, Erick M. Carreira.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2011: Spring, Sunshine, Outdoor Poster Session
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2011: The Speaker of the SFB 858, Prof. Armido Studer, together with Prof. Erick M. Carreira (ETH Zurich) and Prof. David Milstein (Weizmann Institute of Science).
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2011: Indoor Poster Session.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2011: Poster Awards. Frank Glorius congratulates Jonas Möllmann (SFB 858), Michael Giese (Albrecht Group, RWTH Aachen), Prof. Jochen Mattay (representing Tobias Schröder, U Bielefeld), Hendrik F. T. Klare (SFB 858) with Armido Studer.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2011: Lecturers Klaus Schulten (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, left) and Christof M. Niemeyer (TU Dortmund, right) with Andreas Heuer, Hans-Joachim Galla and Henning D. Mootz (middle).
  • SFB858 - IRTG Workshop 2010 in Wettringen: Program.
  • SFB858 - IRTG Workshop 2010 in Wettringen: PhD students Group Photo at the "Landhaus".
  • SFB858 - IRTG Workshop 2010 in Wettringen: Impessions on the interior of the "Landhaus".
  • SFB858 - Science Slam 2010: ...and the Winner is: Patrick Seelheim's "Cooperativity" (<a href="http://www.uni-muenster.de/videoportal/studieren.html#gewinner_scienceslam_seelheim" target="_blank">click here for the video</a>)
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2010: Poster Announcement.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2010: Speakers E.W. "Bert" Meijer, Bruce H. Lipschutz, Hansjörg Grützmacher, Herbert Waldmann, F. Dean Toste.
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2010: Bruce Lipshutz (UCSB), Armido Studer (Speaker of the SFB 858), Ursula Nelles (Rector of the WWU Münster) and E.W."Bert" Meijer (Eindhoven UofT).
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2010: Bruce Lipshutz (UCSB), Armido Studer (Speaker of the SFB 858), Ursula Nelles (Rector of the WWU Münster) and E.W."Bert" Meijer (Eindhoven UofT).
  • SFB858 - MSCEC 2010: Prof. Glorius (Speaker of the IRTG/SFB858) at the Poster Session with Bruce Lipshutz and Markus Plois (Students' Speaker).
  • SFB858 - IRTG: PhD Students at the Opening Seminar on Feb 17th, 2010.

SFB 858 News (chronological order)

++ 2015 Dec 23 ++
Johannes Neugebauer awarded with Dirac Medal of WATOC
Prof. Dr. Johannes Neugebauer, professor for Theoretical Organic Chemistry is awarded with the Dirac medal 2016 by the "World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists" (WATOC ).
[press release, german]

++ 2015 Nov 11 ++
British "Royal Society of Chemistry" elects Ryan Gilmour as Fellow
Prof. Dr. Ryan Gimour, professor for Organic Chemistry at the Organic Chemistry Institute has been elected  as Fellow of the British "Royal Society of Chemistry" (RSC). "In the UK this is a great honor for Chemists. For me this is the highlight of my career", Ryan Gilmour says.
[press release, german]

++ 2015 Apr 16 ++
Andrea Rentmeister awarded with "Hoechst-Dozentenpreis"
Prof. Andrea Rentmeister has been awarded with the "Hoechst Dozentenpreis" by the Aventis Foundation in Cooperation with the Fonds of the Chemical Industry (Fonds der Chemischen Industrie). The award honors outstanding young scientists.
[press release, german]

++ 2015 Apr 01 ++
Andrea Rentmeister named as new member of SFB 858
The SFB welcomes new PI Andrea Rentmeister, Institute of Biochemistry. Prof. Rentmeister holds a CiM-Professorship within the Cluster of Excellence "Cells in Motion" and strengthens collaborative research at in the area of nucleic acid based biomolecular label chemistry.

++ 2015 Jan 09 ++
University's Research Award 2014 for Prof. Armido Studer
Prof. Dr. Armido Studer received the WWU Research Prize ("Forschungspreis") worth 30,000 euros Research Prize for excellent and internationally recognized achievements. Armido Studer succeeded like no other, to establish synthetic radical chemistry in the field of materials science with interdisciplinary competence.  [press release, german]

++ 2015 Jan 01 ++
Pol Besenius appointed as Professor at the University of Mainz
In January 2015 Pol was appointed as Associate Professor (W2) for Macromolecular Chemistry in the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University of Mainz. Congratulations and all the best for your future, Pol!  [Besenius Group Webpage]

++ 2014 Jul 07 ++
Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon for Prof. Gerhard Erker
For his "outstanding commitment" in chemistry Prof. Gerhard Erker received the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany.  [press release, german]

++ 2013 Nov 11 ++
Research on Cooperative Effects is supported for another four Years
The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)) has approved financial support for the SFB 858 for the period from 2014 - 2017. The SFB welcomes new PIs Pol Besenius, Ryan Gilmour, Annette Marohn, and Johannes Neugebauer.  [press release, german]

++ 2013 Aug 06 ++
ERC Starting Grant for Prof. Ryan Gilmour
Prof. Ryan Gilmour, PI within the SFB 858 initiative 2014 - 2017, is supported with an ERC Starting Grant for his research propsal on molecular design with fluorinated carbohydrate mimics.  [press release, german]

++ 2013 Jun 15 ++
Overview on Aluminum based FLP Chemistry in "Nachrichten aus der Chemie"
Frustrated Lewis-Pairs (FLPs) provide a Lewis acidic and a Lewis basic atom without quenching of the opposite functionalities by adduct formation. These compounds active small molecules. Werner Uhl has summarized the reactivity of aluminum based Lewis pairs. [doi: 10.1002/nadc.201390199, german].

++ 2013 May 03 ++
Successful 4th "Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry" (MSCEC 2013)
True interdisciplinary research from bioorganics to surface chemistry covered from four renowned Speakers (G. Betrand, T. Carell, S. W. Marrink, E. Nakamura) and fascinating poster contributions once more has been the key to success of the "Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry".  [symposium webpage].

++ 2013 Feb 07 ++
Symposium on Supramolecular Chemistry
The 2nd German Symposium on supramolecular chemistry is hosted at the WWU Münster on February 14th and 15th. The Meeting is organized by Prof. Bart Jan Ravoo and Dr. Pol Besenius, both being members of the Münster initiative "Center for Soft Nanoscience". [SupraChem 2013 Webpage]

++ 2012 Dec 17 ++
Young Career Focus in SYNFORUM: Dr. Olga García Mancheño
"Dr. Olga García Mancheño is portrayed in SYNFORUM Issue 01/2013 in order to present young up-and-coming researchers who are performing exceptionally well in the arena of organic chemistry and related fields of research." [SYNFORM Issue 2013/01]

++ 2012 Dec 06 ++
LEIBNIZ-PRIZE 2013 goes to Prof. Frank Glorius!
The most prestigious German scientific award, the "Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Preis" 2013 goes to Prof. Frank Glorius for his outstanding and pioneering contributions in the field of organic catalysis research. [press release, german]

++ 2012 Aug 28 ++
"Alfred-Stock-Gedächtnispreis" of the GdCh for Prof. Werner Uhl
Prof. Werner Uhl (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and SFB 858, Project A2) is awarded with one of the most important prizes of the inorganic chemistry community in Germany by the German Chemists' Society (GdCh), the "Alfred-Stock-Gedächtnispreis" for his research on innovative synthetic concepts involving the chemistry of aluminum, gallium and indium. [press release, german]

++ 2012 Jul 30 ++
Young Scientist Pol Besenius introduces Nanoscience guided by Nature
Dr. Pol Besenius, habilitand in the environment of Prof. Ravoo's group, and his research group is portrayed. [press release, german]

++ 2012 May 04 ++
Renowned: 3rd Edition of the SFB 858 hosted "Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry" (MSCEC 2012)
More than 350 scientific guests, a total of 74 poster contributions, 4 of them awarded with the MSCEC 2012 poster prize for outstanding scientific achievements on the field of cooperative research and 4 worldwide renowned scientist, that presented their results in plenary lectures: These indicators marked the quality of the third edition of the SFB 858's "Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry" [symposium webpage][press release, german]

++ 2012 Mar 30 ++
Welcome: Guest Scientists Prof. Christina White and Prof. Martin Burke (univ. of Illinois)
Both Scientist have been awarded with numerous prizes, including the prestigeous Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award. The SFB 858 invites interested scinetist and students for fruitful discussions. [press release, german][guests, lectures and events of the SFB 858]

++ 2012 Mar 22 ++
Springer Heterocyclic Chemistry Award for Prof. Frank Glorius
Prof. Frank Glorius has been selected as first laureate of the Springer Heterocyclic Chemistry Award, that acknowledges inventive research on this particular field of chemical research.  [press release, german]

++ 2012 Mar 08 ++
Speaker of the SFB 858 portrayed - Prof. Armido Studer
Prof. Armido Studer, speaker of the SFB 858, is portrayed in ChemistryViews and in an Author Profile in the Angewandte Chemie. Have a look. [author profile in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.][portrait in ChemistryViews]

++ 2012 Jan 02 ++
TWAS elects Prof. Harald Fuchs
TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world, has elected Prof. Harald Fuchs from the Department of Physics and Principle Investigator in project B2 as a new member. [TWAS web page][press release, german]

++ 2011 Dec 15 ++
Prof. Gerhard Erker awarded with "ERC Advanced Grant 2011"
The European Research Council (ERC) recognizes the research of Prof. Gerhard Erker, Principle Investigator of the SFB 858 on projects A1 and B3, with the "ERC Advanced Grant 2011" on the field of Frustrated Lewis Pair Chemistry. [ERC web page][press release, german]

++ 2011 Dec 14 ++
Cooperative Effects Mediate Surface Chemistry - Prime Example of SFB 858 published in SCIENCE
An outstanding example of cooperative effects utilized for chemical reactivity on surfaces has been published in Science. Principle Investigators Proff. Fuchs, Chi and Erker have demonstrated aliphatic C-H activation and C-C bond formation on gold surfaces. [doi][press release, german]

++ 2011 Dec 08 ++
"Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2012" for Dr. Olga García Mancheño
Dr. Olga García Mancheño has been awarded with the "Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2012" which recognizes scientific achievements on an early stage of the career. [press release, german]

++ 2011 Dec 08 ++
2nd Students' Workshop in Münster welcomes B. Kirchner (U Leipzig), K.-H. Gericke (TU Braunschweig), H. Hopf (TU Braunschweig) and I. Krossing (U Freiburg)
One by one: The students of the IRTG/SFB 858 have invited reknowed scientists, who contribute to their particular field of research. Each invited lectue is flanked by a students talk. Guest are most welcome. [guests, lectures and events of the SFB 858][workshop program]

++ 2011 Nov 03 ++
Project A14 on Ubiquitine-like Modifiers as Biochemical Tools granted
The DFG has allowed funding for Project A14 by Prof. Henning D. Mootz entitled "Novel Protein Chemical Tools for the Investigation of Cooperative Effects in Protein Interactions mediated by Ubiquitine-like Modifiers" from 2012 on. [project description]

++ 2011 Sep 01 ++
MINT Academy for Female Students - SFB 858 supports Gender Concepts of the WWU Münster
The First MINT Academy "The World in 3D" was hosted at the University of Muenster on September 1st and 2nd. Female students from several high schools (Gymnasien) took the chance to get a deeper insight into the topics of the SFB 858 and into the young PhD students' daily lab life. [press release, german][snapshot at the excursion]

++ 2011 Aug 03 ++
DFG grants Project B13 on Molecular cooperative action of proteins involved in positive DNA supercoiling
The German Research Foundation (DFG) supports project B13 by Prof. Dagmar Klostermeier within the SFB 858. Prof. Klostermeier explores the molecular interaction modes in enzymes involved in DNA supercoiling, strenghening the field of biophysical research on Cooperative Effects. [project description]

++ 2011 Jul 25 ++
OMCOS Award 2011 - Prof. Frank Glorius honored in Shanghai
Prof. F. Glorius is decorated with the OMCOS 2011 Award (IUPAC International Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis) for his outstanding contributions to organometallic heterogeneous and homogenoeus catalysis. [press release, german]

++ 2011 May 06 ++
MSCEC 2011 - Cooperative Effects Research form Large Biological to Small Molecular Systems - More than 60 Posters - Four Posters awarded with the MSCEC 2011 Poster Prize
More than 300 scientist joined the 2nd Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry (MSCEC 2011) on May 6th 2011 in the Aula of the Schloss (Castle) of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. Contributions from all areas covered by the SFB 858 where adressed by plenary lectures from E.M. Carreira (ETH Zurich, SUI), D. Milstein (Rehovot, ISR), C.M. Niemeyer (Dortmund, GER), and K. Schulten (Illinois, USA). Furthermore, more than 50 posters presented by young researchers from allover Germany where presented and the top four where awarded with MSCEC 2011 poster prizes. [symposium webpage][press release, german]

++ 2011 Apr 27 ++
New Member of the Leopoldina: Prof. Gerhard Erker
Prof. Gerhard Erker, principle investigator within the SFB 858 in projects A1 and B3, has been elected as a member of the "Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina". The "Leopoldina" is one of the oldest scientific academies, existing continiously for more than 350 years. [press release, german]

++ 2011 Apr 12 ++
Humboldt-Foundation awards Prof. Erker with Heisenberg Medal
Prof. Gerhard Erker, principle investigator within the SFB 858 in projects A1 and B3, has been awarded with the Werner-Heisenberg-Medal of the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation. [press release, german]

++ 2011 Mar 22 ++
Vice-Speaker of the SFB 858, Prof. Stefan Grimme, elected as regular member of the "Class of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy for Sciences and Arts"
Prof. Dr. Stefan Grimme, Vice-Speaker of the SFB 858, has been elected as regular member of the "Klasse für Naturwissenschaften und Medizin der Nordrhein-Westfälischen Akademie der Wissenschaften". Currently 68 regular members from sciences, medicine and arts belong to the academy. The award honors outstanding contributions within the field of the development of quantum-chemical methods, in particular the "double hybrid functionals" as an correction and improvement of conventional DFT-based methods. [list of academy members in natural sciences, german][homepage of the academy, german]

++ 2011 Jan 14 ++
Prof. Galla elected as president of the German Society of Biophysics (DGfB e.V.)
The German Society for Biophysics (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biophyik e.V.) has elected Prof. H.-J. Galla as its president. The Society represents about 600 national researchers on this particular field of research. [press release, german]

++ 2010 Nov 28 ++
DFG grants Project B12 "Multi Scale Modeling of Cooperativity in Complex Molecular Systems" by Dr. Mark Waller
The German Research Foundation (DFG) supports project B12 by Dr. Mark Waller within the SFB 858. Dr. Waller will work on Multi Scale Modeling of Cooperativity in Complex Molecular Systems, strenghening the field of theoretical research on Cooperative Effects. [project description]

++ 2010 Nov 25 ++
Prof. Dr. Stefan Grimme awarded with "Lise Meitner Lectureship 2010"
Prof. Dr. Stefan Grimme, Chair of theoretical organic chemistry at the WWU Münster and principle investigator (Z1) and Vice-Speaker of the SFB 858, was awarded with the "Lise Meitner Lectureship 2010" in Jerusalem, Israel. The "Lise Meitner-Minerva Center" honors his contributions to the development of novel and reliable methods for the density functional theory (DFT). [press release, german]

++ 2010 Nov 02 ++
"Starting Grant" of the ERC for Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius
Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius, Speaker of the IRTG/SFB858, was awarded with one of europe's most prestigious grants: The European Research Council (ERC) will support his research with the "ERC Starting Grant", supporting his research after a highly competitive selection procedure. [press release, german]

++ 2010 Oct 18 ++
"Science Slam": SFB 858 - Contribution on Cooperativity by Patrick Seelheim (Biochemistry) wins!
Patrick Seelheim from the group of Prof. H.-J. Galla wins the 2nd "Science Slam" with a contribution on Cooperative Effects. [video of the awarded presentation, german]

++ 2010 Oct 13 ++
1st Students' Workshop in Wettringen, Landhaus Rothenberge, Oct 13th-15th
The Students of the IRTG/SFB858 "Principles and Applications of Cooperative Effects" meet on their first workshop in the Landhaus Rothenberge with an evening lecture by Prof. Gerhard Hilt (Philipps-University Marburg). The students' lectures are completed by contributions from Dr. J. J.Weigand and Dr. M. Waller (both WWU Münster). [schedule][snapschot]

++ 2010 Apr 30 ++
The 1st Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry (MSCEC), 2010 April 30th
With the start of the Collaborative Research Center, SFB 858 in 2010, more than 200 scientist joined the first Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry on April 30th 2010 in the Aula of the Schloss (Castle) of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. Contributions from all areas covered by the SFB 858 where adressed by plenary lectures from E.W. Meijer (Eindhoven, NL), B.H. Lipshutz (Santa Barbara, USA), H. Grützmacher (Zürich, SUI), H. Waldmann (Dortmund, GER) and F.D. Toste (Berkeley, USA). Furthermore, nearly 50 posters presented by young researchers from allover Germany made this meeting a fruitful platform for research areas related to cooperative effects in chemistry. [symposium webpage]

++ 2009 Nov 18 ++
DFG establishes SFB 858 at the University of Münster
A total of 17 new collaborative research centers is established by the DFG with the beginning of the year 2010, among them the SFB 858. [press release, german][press release DFG, english]

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