Subproject 800

SP 800 - Institutions, property rights, governance structures and implementation capacities

Introduction - Objectives - Methods - Results and Materials

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Considering the fundamental transformation of agricultural sector, in particular change in property rights on land, the subproject focuses on the analysis of institutions and governance structures which establish a framework for agricultural production in the Tyumen region.

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The overall goal of the subproject is to identify and analyse the conditions and prerequisites necessary to achieve sustainable agricultural development in Tyumen region under climate change. The subproject pursues the following specific objectives:

  1. To analyze of the context and stakeholders of agricultural production, both against the background of the transition process;
  2. To analyse of the theoretical options for institutional change that allows for sustainable agricultural development;
  3. To test and assess the practical options for institutional change and government reforms that allow for sustainable agricultural development, and
  4. To develop and evaluate scenarios of agricultural production under climate change.

The final aim of the subproject is to adjust the results obtained within other subprojects to the socio-economic and political context in the research area, and make sure that the strategy for sustainable agriculture is implemented in Tyumen region.

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Research approach:

  • A multiple embedded case study

Data collection techniques:

  • document analysis
  • in-depth interview

Analytical methods:

  • Coding of qualitative data
  • Establishing the cause-effect links among the institutional context, agricultural production and climate change
  • Triangulation of data sources

Methods of results implementation:

  • Development and evaluation together with the stakeholders, scientists and international advisors of the scenarios of agricultural production under climate change
  • Learning workshops for stakeholders

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Results and Materials

Working papers:

  • “Research design: Analytical framework and methodology”
  • “Agricultural production in Tyumen region in historical context”
  • “Institutional environment and its effects on agricultural production and adaptation to climate change”
  • “Scenarios of further development of agricultural production”

Scientific articles published in peer-review journals

A documentation movie:

A movie is one of the ways to present the empirical results of the subproject. It tells the story about the agricultural production in the Tyumen region from the perspective of different stakeholders. Here the actors share their observations and perceptions about the changes experienced by the sector due to institutional change, express their opinion on climate change and reflect on the relationship between climate change and agricultural production.
The movie pursues several objectives:

  • To present different perspectives on the relationship between the agricultural production and climate change in the Tyumen region;
  • To initiate the discussion among the stakeholders on the sustainable agricultural production;
  • To create a message for external communication of the project.



Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn
Humboldt University Berlin
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