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  • Aerial Image Of Peatland Falsecolor
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    The regulatory functions of peatlands in water and element cycles, their ecosystem services, and their role in biodiversity conservation have increasingly become the focus of scientific and public debate; particularly in the course of climate change and more frequent occurrence of droughts and heat waves. The workgroups of Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry [en] and Biodiversity and Ecosystem [en], as well as colleagues from the Netherlands, Poland, and Austria, will work together in this project to study sites in the nemoral zone of central Europe regarding their historic development (reference conditions, past resilience, C accumulation), current conditions (vegetation, hydrology, C-stocks, CO2 and CH4 exchange), and potential development (degradability, drought resilience, prospective C-budgets and CO2 and CH4 fluxes).

    Remote sensing or satellite imagery-based approaches could provide new tools to monitor vegetation and/or hydrological conditions or to model greenhouse gas exchange. This will help to define priority areas and actions, and identify ecological and socio-economic drivers. In our workgroup we aim to develop a comprehensive satellite-based monitoring approach of peatland degradation and peatland restoration, which can be used to monitor the system in space and time. We will pursue an upscaling approach from local field measurements via very-high resolution Unmanned Aerial System data to the satellite-scale and apply machine learning strategies to even map indicators that cannot directly be derived from remote sensing data.

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    Project lead: Subproject remote sensing: Jan Lehmann, Hanna Meyer
    Team@ILÖK: Laura Giese, Jan Lehmann, Hanna Meyer
    Funding: DFG - BiodivERsA (ERA-Net Cofunds)
    Term: 2022 - 2025

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    Emilio Sánchez: Satellite-based spatio-temporal analysis of changing vegetation and moisture conditions of a central European bog. B.Sc. Landschaftsökologie. Betreuung: Hanna Meyer & Jan Lehmann