Moral and the Religious Notions of God

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This collection of essays by the author explores the relation between philosophical ethics and religion from two perspectives: First, how the history of religious notions of God (Gottesbild) is influenced by the development of moral philosophy. Second, to what extent secular moral philosophy may still profit from religious morals and the history of natural law. These questions are discussed on a level of principles but also in various fields of applied ethics. Particular emphasis lies on questions of bioethics and medical ethics regarding the enhancement of the human body and the technical improvement of natural processes, including gene-technology, cloning etc. The essays further develop the conception of a modern ethics based on a meta-ethical framework but at the same time applicable for specific moral problems of modern societies.

Literature: Ludwig Siep, Moral und Gottesbild. Aufsätze zur konkreten Ethik 1996-2012, Münster: mentis Verlag, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-89785-321-8, 420 Seiten, 38 Euro.