Prof. Dr. Thomas Junker: The hidden nature of human sexuality

MGSE lecture series "The Growth of the Evolutionary Thought"

by Prof. Dr. Thomas Junker, University of Tübingen

What can we learn about human sex life when we view it from a biological perspective? In my talk I will discuss some of riddles of modern sexual behaviour: Why, f. e., do many people have more frequent and more fanciful sex than would be required for reproduction? And what can be said about the astounding diversity of relationship forms? Can we really decide at will, how, when and whom we desire? It may be true that pair bonding is the best form of human love life, but what about the other options? This question can only be answered with some confidence after we have compared it open-mindedly with competing models – with solitary life, polygamy, polyamory and others.

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Mon 29.01.2018, 17:00 - 18:15
Vorträge, Vorlesungen
Lecture hall HHü, Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity, Hüfferstr. 1
Public lecture series - Everybody is welcome!
Münster Graduate School of Evolution
Hüfferstr. 1a
48149 Münster