Workshop "Team Work and Leadership Competencies" for female researchers

Participants will be introduced to the most important leadership styles and techniques and will acquire knowledge of the methodical approach to leadership tasks. The following topics will be covered:

  • Basics of team work & leadership: An overview of leadership tasks and styles
  • My leadership profile: Stocktaking of my key skills
  • Ambiguous hierarchies: What does leadership mean in academia?
  • Manager-employee discussions as a leadership tool: Setting common objectives
  • Role change: Staff member – colleague – boss
  • Typical woman!? Gender specific strengths and strategies
  • Team work & leadership competencies: My next steps

The workshop is offered in collaboration between CiM, CRC 656 'Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging' and CRC 1009 'Breaking Barriers'.

Detailed information

Sonstige Veranstaltungen
Temporal setting
Thu 21.05.2015, 09 h - 17 h
Sonstige Veranstaltungen
Library of the Institute of Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, Waldeyerstraße 15, Münster

To apply, please send the completed template to the office of CRC 656.