Artificial Intelligence for a flourishing society?

Interdisciplinary podium discussion

The scientific development in the field of artificial intelligence is dynamic and controversial: algorythms that decide for us and machines (robots) that overtake more and more functions, so far reserved to human beings. They take choices automatically, coordinate traffic and communications and analyse enormous amounts of data. This raises ethical, socio-political and legal questions, such as: Which rules are valid for robots in the future? How can transparency be achieved and discrimination avoided? Which consequences does the use of automated procedures have for society? Where does the human being remain (in this picture)? Regarding these issues, the Welcome Centre has organised a podium discussion for internationally mobile researchers with experts from different disciplines. The cooperation partner of the event is the WWU Brazil Centre (Prof. Bernd Hellingrath). Keynote speakers: • Prof Fernando Buarque, Visiting Professor from Brazil at the Department of Information Systems/ WWU Research Alumni Ambassador • Prof Michael Quante, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Knowledge Transfer/Department of Philosophy. Discussion forum: • Prof Thomas Gutmann, Faculty of Law, Chair for Private Law, Philosophy of Law and Medical Law, Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics (Director) • Junior Prof Benjamin Risse, Computer Science Department, Junior Professorship for Practical Computer Science • Prof Thorsten Quandt, Department of Communication, Chair of Online Communication • PD Dr Tim Hahn, Faculty of Medicine, Research Assistant at the department of Translational Psychiatry.

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Mon 21.01.2019, 18:15 - 20:15
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