Workshop: Discover the woman entrepreneur in you! Part I

Mit Dr. Ingrid Wakkee; Dr. Sue Rossano-Rivero; M.A. Friederike von Hagen

This workshop series has been designed for you – women with higher education willing to pursue a career with higher purpose and grater impact. Each workshop is designed to develop your understanding of the power of entrepreneurship to create new value, the role of networking for pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities and the development of your pitching skills of entrepreneurial ideas. Bringing together active women entrepreneurs, researchers, experienced entrepreneurial coaches and highly motivated female students at the under graduate – and graduate level, this interactive workshop aims at offering you a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas on how being aware of our network could empower and support women entrepreneurship.

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Do 14.02.2019, 16 Uhr - 19 Uhr
GRIPS - Gründer und Innovationspark Steinfurt Am Campus 2 48565 Steinfurt
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