Information regarding the master's thesis

The research module Forschungsmodul H includes participation in a colloquium and foresees the candidate planning, conducting and documenting a study (master's thesis). For taking part in the colloquium you will be awarded 4 ECTS points and for the master's thesis 28 ECTS points. The scope of the thesis should be between 40-80 pages. The completion of the master's thesis, together with the research colloquium, comprises a workload of 960 hours.

For departmental instructions regarding study prerequisites, supervision and theme of the work, registration, due dates and important regulations, please refer to the German version of this page: Here 

In addition, detailed rules for creation, evaluation, etc. of the thesis can be found in the Examination Regulations of the M. Sc. Psychology.

Examination Regulations M. Sc.

Application form (Master's Examination)

Plagarisation Statement

Literature tip for writing your thesis in psychology


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