Course Registration - M. Sc. in Psychology

The registration deadline for seminars, forms and participant lists are regularly posted on the webpage for "Lehre in M. Sc." , see  Informationen zur Lehre.

Please note:
- All seminars have obligatory registration!
- Deadlines will be regularly posted on the German webpage (see above).
- The participant lists will be posted outside the Dean's Office and are also posted on the webpage (see above).

Course Catalogue Winter 2019

Allocation of free seminar places

Basically it is possible for free seminar places to be allocated to students of a lower semester or other focus area. For this purpose, it is necessary to apply by written application to the Programme Coordinator Dr. Dirksmeier. An application to the respective Lecturer is not possible. The application period ends with the beginning of the semester.

Preference willl be given to students applying within their focus area, for example, a student applying for a seminar seat in his field of focus who is planning to study abroad in a later semester, will be given priority over candidates / applicants from other focus areas. If there more interested parties than available seats, the free spaces are allocated by lottery.