Application Procedure for the M.Sc. in Psychology

Applications for a place in the M.Sc. programme in psychology is carried out over the online portal provided by the Student Affairs Office of the University of Münster, which is accessible over the following webpage:

  • The regular, yearly application period starts at the beginning of May and runs through the 15th of July.
  • Attention! Applicants from non-European Union or EEA countries have an earlier deadline. The submission period ends on May 31st.

There are specific admission and selection criteria for the M.Sc. in Psychology at the University of Münster. These are regulated by the University's own local admission requirements that are regulated by the admissions regulation (see Zulassungsordnung). These regulations are binding to all applicants who apply for a study position in the master's programme in winter 2012/13.

Note: For winter semester 2012/13 the paperless application for applicants from Germany and the EU has been introduced. Those persons for which this change applies are no longer required to send a paper copy of their application materials via post. All document and proof of studies, etc. should be uploaded via the Application Portal of the University. Applicants from non-European Union countries are still required to send a paper copy of their application and all accompanying documents in addition to their online application. Please pay careful attention to the advice of the Study Affairs Office!

For non-EU applicants, the following application forms must be submitted:

  • A printed copy of the general online-application form.
  • A notarized or certified copy of your Bachelor’s Diploma and/or a transcript of records (official grades and performance records of your undergraduate study).
  • Proof of general entitlement to university study (German Abitur) or other foreign certificate of university entrance qualification, depending on your country of origin. For more information, which documents (degrees or diplomas) can fulfill this requirement, please see University Entrance Qualifications.
  • If necessary, evidence of adequate German language skills (requirement for foreign applicants, who did not receive their university entrance qualification from a German-language institution). For more information, see Language Requirements for Study.
  • If applicable, the application form and documentation for a petition of hardship

Please understand that a preliminary examination of candidates' applications shortly before the regular application process is not possible. We ask that you respectfully refrain from making such requests.

Additionally, we ask you to also note that during the currently in-progress admissions and placement process it is not possible to provide information over the likelihood of your chances for receiving a study seat in our programme. This is due to the fact that the number of applicants who have already accepted study positions and the number of applicants who have refused them, or those positions that have not yet been occupied, are constantly changing. You will receive the following information along with your application number when you apply for the M.Sc. in Psychology in Münster: (1) Your application status ("accepted", "waiting postion or temporary rejection", "rejection"); (2) your place (=rank) in the waiting list.