Information and Regulations - B.Sc. in Psychology

The Department of Psychology of the University of Münster began offering a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in winter semester of  2007. This is a scientific and job qualifying programme of study, which requires the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur: German equivalent of "A Levels" or similar qualification) for admission. Studies involve 6 semesters (with 180 ECTS), ending in a job-qualifying degree "B.Sc. in Psychology". The programme is divided across 23 modules including completion of a 12-week phase of occupational activity (internship).

Aside from the general foundations areas (general psychology, biological psychology, differential and personality psychology, developmental psychology and social psychology), the  B.Sc. offers a founded education in methodology, diagnostic knowledge, and in the three applied subject areas: Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Clinical Psychology  and Education Psychology  (as occupational qualifications). Specialization in a certain area is reserved for Master's studies. The degree "B.Sc. in Psychologie" entitles its holders to acceptance in a consecutive  master's degree in Psychology.

Questions & Answers

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Structure Plans and Course Requirements:

See also  Study Regulations/Studienordnungen [de] and module descriptions