Bachelor's Thesis

The bachelor thesis aims at providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge on doing research and working scientifically. The final module involves 14 credit points (Leistungspunkte): 12 CP for the completion of the bachelor's thesis and and additional 2 CP for attending the colloquium.

Colloquiums are offered by the individual work units and provide a general framework for discussing your the progress of your research and presenting your results. After completion of the colloquium, please take it upon yourself to remind the mentoring professor to book the 2 CP awarded for the colloquium.

Detailed information on how to register a thesis, rules regarding papers and other formalities are available on the following page:  Informationen zur Bachelorarbeit  [de]

Choosing a Thesis Topic

How can I find a thesis and a thesis advisor for my bachelor's thesis?

In the search for a topic and an advisor (examiner) for the bachelor thesis it is possible to orient yourself on the current research of the separate lab teams / work units of the department and on the topic examples of recently completed theses of other students. As a first step you should take a look at the websites of the work units and see if there are concrete thesis offers for bachelor's theses. The overview pages of the institutes ( IfP; IPBE ) are good places to start your search, as it gives you a list of all of the work units of both institutes. You can use the links provided there to reach the homepages of the work units, where you can then look for information and postings regarding "Abschlussarbeiten" -- usually found under the rubric "Studium" or "Study". Should you be interested in a particular research area or a concrete posting for a project, the next step is to contact a member of the work unit or project (e.g., via his or her office hour or via email). Note: All academic members of both institutes of psychology are eligible to advise a thesis.

By further questions please contact the department's Student Advisory Office