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For prospective students
Psychology is a highly versatile science, whose methods and insights are relevant to a variety of different fields. The human Psyche and behavior of man are interesting themes for research and study. However, common knowledge about psychology as a science, with its subject areas and research methods, is often very limited.

In order to help you avoid disappointment and set-backs, it is import for you to be well informed prior to choosing your topic of study. This will help you begin your studies at the university with the proper expectations and to develop the right kind of motivation for your field of study. For this reason, we have provided several Links below that provide  information about studying pyschology.

Links for Prospective Students

In addition, the ZDIP offers an overview page, where interested students can a take so-called Self-Assessment-Test for prospective students in psychology. Those who still feel unsure about the field as a choice of study can initially complete a test in order to receive valuable feedback before making their decision.