++ 31.08.2020 ++ Nina successfully defended her doctoral thesis - congratulations! That was our first corona zoom defense and it worked out really well … phew!

++ 20.08.2020 ++ Nina gives a one-week OCC lab rotation in fMRI – welcome to the Bipsy Lab! :=)

++ 04.08.20 ++ Susanne's new paper was accepted by Psychological Medicine - congratulations!

++ 20.04.20 ++ Nina's new paper was accepted by Frontiers in Neuroscience - congratulations!

++ 17.03.20 ++ Daniel's new paper was accepted by PLOS One – congratulations!

++ 13.03.20 ++ Our lab is shut down due to the Corona virus pandemia – everybody working in the home office. All posters and presentations at upcoming conferences (TEAP Germany; CNS Boston, HBM) have to be cancelled. Hope to be back to normal soon ...!

++ 11.03.20 ++ We were visited from our collaboration partners from Cologne, Markus Raab and Alexandra Pizzera. Exchanged ideas about next studies on brain effects of intentional vs. incidental action sounds

++ 25.02.20 ++ Ima's fMRI paper on cognitive deficits in Parkinson's Disease was accepted by Neuroimage – congratulations!