Couple and family psychology investigates emotions, thoughts and behavior of individuals as part of a couple or family system, describes the diversity of today's family realities and provides concepts for the professional practice of couple and family counselling. Couple and family psychology focuses on the meaning of context, diversity and developmental perspectives in order to understand, evaluate and address the comprehensive issues of psychological health and pathology - including affective, cognitive, behavioural and dynamic factors in individuals, couples, families and larger social systems.

The range of topics in couple and family psychology is therefore broad and covers clinical (e.g. depression, alcohol and drug abuse; behavioral problems in adolescents; sexual, physical or verbal abuse), health related (e.g. dealing with stress, general mental health, health behaviour change), social (e.g. family relationships, dissatisfaction in couple relationships, violence, infidelity), pedagogical (e.g. co-parenting) as well as developmental topics (e.g. attachment, developmental disorders, parent-child interactions).