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On this page we report on current results of various research projects of our work unit.

Study on Dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Partnership
© L. Lanfermann

Dear readers,

Covid-19 has changed everyday life of many people worldwide. Which impact does the pandemic have on couples and families and how do they deal with it? These are the main questions addressed in a research project of the Department of Couple and Family Psychology at the University of Münster. As a student of M.Sc. Psychology I am involved in this research project as a part of my master thesis. Earlier this year, an online study was conducted to investigate how couples and families deal with the corona pandemic. This online study is part of an international research project that was deployed in 30 countries, including Portugal, USA, Indonesia, Ghana and Mexico. With this report we would like to inform you about the first results of the German study. We will publish further results on our homepage and in international journals (e.g. Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships) as soon as the internatinal data collection and analysis is completed. We would like to take this oppertunity to thank all the people who participated in the online study and contributed to the psychological research of the Covid-19 pandemic!

Judith Lanfermann