The Counseling Lab

The Counseling Lab focuses on applied developmental and educational-psychological studies, with a special emphasis on the transfer of scientific findings into practice and the public.

Our research focuses on two major themes: first, the promotion of positive social behavior and social-emotional competencies as well as the prevention of antisocial behavior and violence. Second, the development of culture-sensitive concepts for early childhood counseling and early childhood education. A further project focuses on obligatory employment counselling.

The Counseling Lab has numerous collaborations with counselors and early childhood practitioners from day-care centers, schools, family training centers, counseling centers, universities and technical colleges. The Lab plays a central role for students of the MSc Program "Learning-Development-Counseling". The Lab offers specific learning opportunities to students by involving them in practical work experience, by offering evidence-based trainings or by conducting applied developmental research.

As part of the Developmental Psychology Lab, the Counseling Lab is headed by Prof. Dr. Joscha Kärtner and managed by Dr. Eva-Maria Schiller, Christina Nieder and Niklas Dworazik.