Evaluation of a sexual violence prevention program in adolescence

Contact: Christoph Muck

In cooperation with the counseling center “Zartbitter Muenster” a school-based program for the prevention of sexual violence in adolescence has been implemented and evaluated. Targeting students in the 8th and 9th grade two versions of the program have been rigorously evaluated in a quasi-experimental design. Classes have been randomly assigned to either one of three experimental conditions: (1) intervention-group with a research-focused approach, (2) intervention-group with a practice-focused approach and (3) control-group. Students were administered with a questionnaire regarding knowledge, attitudes, victimization and perpetration at baseline (T1), immediately following the intervention (T2) and after 6 months (T3). Main topics of the program were general education on sexual violence, education and handling of personal space and other’s personal space and education about professional help services for victims and others, such as partners and friends.


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