Paul-Christian  Bürkner , M.Sc.
Paul-Christian Bürkner , M.Sc.
Research Associate
Room 241
Fliednerstr. 21
48149 Münster
Tel: 0251 83-39418
Consultation hours: Tuesdays 12:00 - 13:00

Major Research Interests

  • Bayesian Inference
  • Multilevel Models
  • Optimal Design
  • Meta-Analysis

Journal Articles

  • Carlsson R., Schimmack U., Williams D. R., & Bürkner, P. C. (in press). Bayes factors from pooled data are no substitute for (Bayesian) meta-analysis. Psychological Science. OSF
  • Bürkner, P. C. (in press). brms: An R Package for Bayesian Multilevel Models using Stan. Journal of Statistical Software. CRAN
  • Bürkner, P. C., Williams D. R., Simmons T. C., & Woolley J. D. (2017). Intranasal oxytocin may improve high-level social cognition in schizophrenia, but not social cognition or neurocognition in general: A multi-level Bayesian meta-analysis. Schizophrenia Bulletin. SB
  • Bürkner, P. C., Bittner N., Holling H., & Buhlmann U. (2017). D-Cycloserine Augmentation of Behavior Therapy for Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders: A Meta-Analysis. PLOS ONEPLOS ONE
  • Williams D. R. & Bürkner, P. C. (2017). Data extraction and statistical errors: A quantitative critique of Gumley et al. (2014). British Journal of Clinical PsychologyBJC
  • Williams D. R. & Bürkner, P. C. (2017). Effects of intranasal oxytocin on symptoms of schizophrenia: A multivariate Bayesian meta-analysis. PsychoneuroendocrinologyPsychoneuroendocrinology
  • Bürkner, P. C., Doebler P., & Holling H. (2016). Optimal design of the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney-test. Biometrical Journal. doi: 10.1002/bimj.201600022 BIMJ
  • Benda N., Bürkner, P. C., Freise F., Holling H., & Schwabe R. (2016). Adaptive Designs for Quantal Dose-Response Experiments with False Answers. Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice. doi: 10.1080/15598608.2016.1213209 JSTP
  • Bürkner, P. C. & Doebler P. (2014). Testing for Publication Bias in Diagnostic Meta-Analysis: A Simulation Study. Statistics in Medicine. doi: 10.1002/sim.6177 SiM


  • Williams D. R., Carlsson R., & Bürkner, P. C. (2017). Between-litter variation in developmental studies of hormones and behavior: effects on false positives and power. PsyArXiv preprint. PsyArXiv
  • Bürkner, P. C. (2017). Bayesian Distributional Non-Linear Multilevel Modeling with the R Package brms. arXiv preprint. arXiv
  • Fleischer, C., Doebler, P., Bürkner, P. C., & Holling, H. (2017). Adventure therapy effects on self-concept – A meta-analysis. PsyArXiv
  • Williams D. R. & Bürkner, P. C. (2016). Coding errors lead to unsupported conclusions: A critique of Hofmann et al. (2015). PsyArXiv Retraction Watch

Software Development

  • brms: Bayesian Regression Models using Stan GitHub CRAN
  • bayesplot: Plotting for Bayesian Models GitHub CRAN

Reviewer (selected)

  • Behavior Research Methods
  • Biometrical Journal
  • Psychometrika
  • Psychonomic Bulletin & Review
  • Statistics in Medicine


  • Winter semester 2016 / 2017: Award for the best lecture of the Institut of Psychology in Münster
  • Each winter semester: Statistik I - Deskriptive Statistik und Wahrschienlichkeitstheorie, B.Sc. Psychologie
  • Each summer semester: Statistik II - Inferenzstatistik, B.Sc. Psychologie

Recent Talks and Workshops

  • Bayesian Multilevel Models in R with brms (Workshop), Institute of Psychology, Bern, 19.04 - 21.04.2017
  • An Introduction to Bayesian Inference and Multilevel Models (Workshop), Institut für Psychologie, Münster, 15.03. - 17.03.2017
  • A Short Introduction to Bayesian Inference, Institut für Psychologie, Münster, 14.12.2016
  • Bayesian Regression Models using Stan, Institut für Medizinische Biometrie und Informatik, Heidelberg, 24.10.2016
  • brms: An R Package for Bayesian Multilevel Models using Stan, eRum, Poznan, 13.10.2016
  • Bayesian Multilevel Models in R using the Package brms (Workshop), 50. DGPs Conference, Leipzig, 18.09.2016
  • brms: An R Package for Bayesian Multilevel Models using Stan, R User Meeting, Köln, 26.02.2016
  • Adaptive Designs for Logistic Models with False Answers, IWS 2015, Wien, 23.09.2015
  • Optimal Design of Non-Parametric Two-Sample Tests, FGME 2015, 17.09.2015