Abstract: Learning by producing hypertext, Chapter 10


Stahl, E. (2002). Methods for assessing cognitive processes during the construction of hypertexts. In R. Bromme & E. Stahl (Eds.), Writing hypertext and learning: Conceptual and empirical approaches. Advances in Learning and Instruction Series (pp. 177-196).  London: Pergamon

Chapter 10

The paucity of research on writing or constructing hypertexts indicates a strong need to analyze both the cognitive and executive processes in their construction to find out, for example, how they are similar to or differ from writing in other text forms and to study their cognitive demands and potentials for authors. This chapter presents various methods for assessing these cognitive processes and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. It shows that existing methods can be applied to this field, but that ideas
on new methods also need to be developed.