Research Interests

I am interested in correlates and consequences of political ideology. My research aims at understanding (a) the link between personality and political ideology and (b) the role of this link in explaining differences between the cognitive, evaluative and behavioral tendencies of politically left- and right-leaning individuals. One of my main interests relates to the relationship between political ideology and cognitive style. In my previous work, I examined whether left- and right-leaning individuals differ in the degree to which they believe in political misinformation due to differences in cognitive style. Furthermore, I explored personality and ideological predictors of the susceptibility to false beliefs related to COVID-19. Due to my interest in a more comprehensive understanding of the structure and consequences of ideological beliefs, I currently work on (a) the link between political ideology, individual-level religiosity and conspiracy mentality in a cross-country comparison and (b) the interplay between political ideology, individual-level religiosity and perceived societal marginalization in predicting threat perceptions towards minorities.