Sitting, no objects, spotting required


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Exercise No. 1

Left hand on thigh, right hand relaxed: bend down to the right. Other side.

Exercise No. 2

Left hand on left knee, right hand extended up: rotate to the right. Change sides.

Exercise No. 3

Left hand on thigh, right hand extended to right: reach to the right as far as possible. Change sides.

Exercise No. 4

Arms extended forward: reach forward as far as possible.

Exercise No. 5

Roll stick from heels to toes.

Exercise No. 6

Lift knee up. Hold for a few seconds. Other knee.

Exercise No. 7

Lift knee up, open to side, put down on floor. Lift again and place foot back. Other side.

Exercise No. 8

Lift knee up and opposite hand forward. Change sides.

Exercise No. 9

Lift both knee and opposite hand up. Other side.

Exercise No. 10

Get up with hands lifted forward.