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Cas1 After obtaining my Bilingual High School Degree in Chemistry and Biology, I graduated in Pharmacy (best graduate of 2001 award) and completed my Licentiate in Chemical Sciences (physical chemistry, 9,5/10) as well as my Doctorate in Organic Chemistry (10/10, outstanding), where I focused on the synthesis and photophysical characterization of metal phthalocyaninate-based photosensitizers for phototherapy. After this time in an interdisciplinary atmosphere shaped by scientists and alumni such as Houssay (Pharmacist and Medical Doctor, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine), Leloir (Medical Doctor, Nobel Prize in Chemistry) and Milstein (Licentiate in Chemical Sciences and Doctor in Biochemistry, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine), I decided to join the group of Prof. Luisa De Cola as a Postdoctoral Researcher in order to extend my scientific horizon into the field of photoactive nanomaterials. During that period as a Research Fellow of the Dutch Polymer Institute, I established the synthesis and photophysics of hybrid (organic/inorganic) photosensitizing nanoarchitectures, as well as of self-assembling electroluminescent d8 metal complexes. I supervised undergraduate and doctoral students as well as postdoctoral researchers in the frame of the BMBF OLED-Project So-Light. The work on multifunctional photoactive nanoparticles was patented and published in Angewandte Chemie as a VIP paper, and the concepts on triplet emitters for electroluminescent devices (Angewandte Chemie, Advanced Materials, Physical Review Letters) have been patented and awarded with the Nanoscience Award 2011 (AGeNT-D Nanowissenschaftspreis 2011). I just finished my Habilitation within the networks of the Center for Nanotechnology, the Center for Soft Nanoscience, the SFB-TRR-61, the SFB-656 MoBil, and the Cluster of Excellence Cells in Motion.

My independent research group has developed a broad interdisciplinary expertise in synthetic chemistry, molecular photophysics and photobiology within the frame of six DFG-funded collaborative projects. The fundamental understanding and realization of phosphorescent materials, hybrid photosensitizers and NIR-absorbers constitute the core of the research activities. Besides the knowledge in metal-organic chemistry and molecular photophysics, a rational basis for the design of triplet emitters for electroluminescent devices and multimodal functional microscopy is pursued. Moreover, the construction of photosensitizing nanoarchitectures and NIR-absorbing optoacoustic labels is investigated.

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