Papers 2012

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C. Höppener, Z. J. Lapin, P. Bharadwaj, L. Novotny
Self-similar gold-nanoparticle antennas for a cascaded enhancement of the optical field
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 017402-(4pp) (2012)

S. Linden, D. Zhong, A. Timmer, N. Aghdassi, J.-H. Franke, H. Zhang, X. Feng, K. Müllen, H. Fuchs, L. F. Chi, H. Zacharias
Electronic structure of spatially aligned graphene nanoribbons on Au(788)
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 216801-(5pp) (2012)

C. Du, L. Li, W. Wang, J. Zhang, D. Yan, W. Hu, H. Fuchs, L. F. Chi
Growth of large-size-two-dimensional crystalline pentacene grains for high performance organic thin film transistors
AIP Advances 2, 022138-(6pp) (2012)

C. Höppener, L. Novotny
Exploiting the light–metal interaction for biomolecular sensing and imaging
Quart. Rev. Biophys. 45, 209-255 (2012)

M. Zhang, G. Qing, T. Sun
Chiral biointerface materials
Chem. Soc. Rev. 41, 1972-1984 (2012)

W. Wang, L. F. Chi
Area-selective growth of functional molecular architectures
Acc. Chem. Res. 45, 1646–1656 (2012)

S. Sengupta, D. Ebeling, S. Patwardhan, X. Zhang, H. von Berlepsch, C. Böttcher, V. Stepanenko, S. Uemura, C. Hentschel, H. Fuchs, F. C. Grozema, L. D. A. Siebbeles, A. R. Holzwarth, L.F. Chi, F. Würthner
Biosupramolecular nanowires from chlorophyll dyes with exceptional charge-transport properties
Angew. Chem. 124, 6484-6488 (2012)

N. M. Jenny, H. Wang, M. Neuburger, H. Fuchs, L. F. Chi, M. Mayor
Synthesis and solid-state investigations of oligo-phenylene-ethynylene structures with halide end-groups
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 14, 2738-2747 (2012)

L. Li, K. Meise-Gresch, L. Jiang, C. Du, W. Wang, H. Fuchs, L. F. Chi
The electrode's effect on the stability of organic transistors and circuits
Adv. Mater. 24, 3053-3058 (2012)

L. Li, L. Jiang, W. Wang, C. Du, H. Fuchs, W. P. Hu, L. F. Chi
High performance and stable organic transistors and circuits with patterned polypyrrole electrodes
Adv. Mater. 24, 2159-2164 (2012)

K. Riehemann
Nanotoxicity: How the body develops a way to reduce the toxicity of carbon nanotubes
Small 8, 1970–1972 (2012)

G. Langewisch, W. Kaminski, D. Braun, R. Möller, H. Fuchs, A. Schirmeisen, R. Pérez
Understanding dissipative tip–molecule interactions with submolecular resolution on an organic adsorbate
Small 8, 602-611 (2012)

S. Sekula-Neuner, J. Maier, E. Oppong, A. Cato, M. Hirtz, H. Fuchs
Allergen arrays for antibody screening and immune cell activation profiling generated by parallel lipid dip-pen nanolithography
Small 8, 585-591 (2012)

X. Yang, G. Zhang, L. Li, D. Zhang, L. F. Chi, D. Zhu
Self-assembly of a dendron-attached tetrathiafulvalene: Gel formation and modulation in the presence of chloranil and metal ions
Small 8, 578-584 (2012)

Y. Liu, M. He, Q. Meng, Z. Tang, L. Li, W. Hu
Mass-production of single-crystalline device arrays of an organic charge-transfer complex for its memory nature
Small 8, 557-560 (2012)

S. Oberhansl, M. Hirtz, A. Lagunas, R. Eritja, E. Martinez, H. Fuchs, J. Samitier
Facile modification of silica substrates provides a platform for direct-writing surface click chemistry
Small 8, 541-545 (2012)

D. Zhong, L. F. Chi, H. Guo, D. Shi, H. Fuchs
Molecular cloisonné: Multicomponent organic alternating nanostructures at vicinal surfaces with tunable length scales
Small 8, 535-540 (2012)

W. Yang, Yo. Li, H. Liu L. F. Chi, Yu. Li
Design and assembly of rotaxane-based molecular switches and machines
Small 8, 504-516 (2012)

L. Li, M. H. Köpf, S. V. Gurevich, R. Friedrich, L. F. Chi
Structure formation by dynamic self-assembly
Small 8, 488-503 (2012)

H. Fuchs, X. Zhang, L. F. Chi, D. Zhang
TRR 61, The “Interplay” between Münster and Beijing for Promoting Research on Multilevel Molecular Assemblies: Structure, Dynamics, and Functions
Small 8, 479-480 (2012)

F. Lied, T. Mues, W. Wang, L. F. Chi, A. Heuer
Different growth regimes on prepatterned surfaces: Consistent evidence from simulations and experiments
J. Chem. Phys. 136, 024704-(8pp) (2012)

C. Azucena, F. J. Eber, V. Trouillet, M. Hirtz, S. Heissler, M. Franzreb, H. Fuchs, C. Wege, H. Gliemann
New approaches for bottom-up assembly of tobacco mosaic virus- derived nucleoprotein tubes on defined patterns on silica- and polymer-based substrates
Langmuir 28, 14867−14877 (2012)

Y. Zhang, W. Li, L. Ou, W. Wang, E. Delyagina, C. Lux, H. Sorg, K. Riehemann, G. Steinhoff, N. Ma
Targeted delivery of human VEGF gene via complexes of magnetic nanoparticle-adenoviral vectors enhanced cardiac regeneration
PLoS ONE 7, 14pp (2012)

K. Mitsakakis, S. Sekula-Neuner, S. Lenhert, H. Fuchs, E. Gizeli
Convergence of dip-pen nanolithography and acoustic biosensors towards a rapid-analysis multi-sample microsystem
Analyst 137, 3076-3082 (2012)

E. G. Bortchagovsky, U. C. Fischer
The concept of a near-field raman probe
Nanoscale 4, 885–889 (2012)

M. Z. Baykara, O. E. Dagdeviren, T. C. Schwendemann, H. Mönig, E. I. Altman, U. D. Schwarz
Probing three-dimensional surface force fields with atomic resolution: Measurement strategies, limitations, and artifact reduction
Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 3, 637–650 (2012)

N. Aghdassi, D. Dulson, S. Linden, L. Li, L. F. Chi, H. Zacharias
Very large-bandgap insulating monolayers of ODS on SiC
Appl. Surf. Science 258, 7280-7285 (2012)

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