Papers 1995

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R. Rading, G. Becker, H. Rulle, V. Liebing, M. Mört, H. Fuchs, A. Benninghoven
Combined SIMS/SEM/SFM investigation of damage effects in molecular overlayers
Wiley & Sons Ltd., ISBN 0-471-95897-2, 1997, S. 619-622, Proc. SIMS X, 45-48 (1995)

R. Feldhoff, Th. Huth-Fehre, Th. Kantimm, L. Quick, W. van den Broek, D. Wienke, K. Cammann, H. Fuchs
Fast identification of packaging waste by near infrared spectroscopy with an InGaAs array spectrograph combined with neural networks
J. Near Infrared Spectroscopy 3, 3 (1995)

K. Bierbaum, M. Grunze, A. A. Baski, L. F. Chi, W. Schrepp, H. Fuchs
Growth of self-assembled n-alkyltrichlorosilane films on Si(100) investigated by Atomic Force Microscropy
Langmuir 11, 2143 (1995)

A. Michels, F. Meinen, T. Murdfield, W. Göhde, U. C. Fischer, E. Beckmann, H. Fuchs
1 MHz quartz length extension resonator as a probe for scanning near-field acoustic microscopy
Thin Solid Films 264, 172 (1995)

D. Reifer, R. Windeit, R. J. Kumpf, A. Karbach, H. Fuchs
AFM and TEM investigations of polypropylene/polyurethane blends
Thin Solid Films 264, 148 (1995)

J. Koglin, U. C. Fischer, K. D. Broska, W. Göhde, H. Fuchs
The tetrahedral tip as a probe for scanning near field optical and for scanning tunneling microscopy
in: NATO-Series, Vol. 300, "Photons and local probes", O. Marti and R. Möller (Eds.), pp. 79-92, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands (1995)

B. Anczykowski, L. F. Chi, H. Fuchs
Atomic Force Microscopy Investigations on Polymer Latex Films
Surface and Interface Analysis 23, 416 (1995)

M. Schönhoff, L. F. Chi, H. Fuchs, M. Lösche
Structural rearrangements upon photoreorientation of amphiphilic azobenzene dyes organized in ultrathin films on solid surfaces
Langmuir 11, 163 (1995)

Th. Schimmel, R. Kemnitzer, J. Küppers, H. Fuchs, M. Lux-Steiner
Writing and deleting atomic scale structures with the scanning tunneling microscope
Thin Solid Films 254, 147 (1995)

" Falten gebügelt " in SPIEGEL online, September (1995)
mit freundlicher Genehmigung des SPIEGEL online

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