Structure and Growth of AAO

Anodic Aluminium Oxide (AAO) is an excellent material for self-organized nanostructure growth. Understanding and control of growth conditions and analysis of the arising structures is in focus to obtain highly regular and well defined arrays of nanopores. The regime of stable growth was extended to a large regime of pore sizes, and through hole membranes were used as templates for deposition of nanostructures onto a variety of substrates.

Nano-structured photo active materials

Light harvesting and energy conversion is a topic of very high academic and technical interest. Due to the local nature of the light-to-energy conversion, highly-regular arrays of nanopores serve as an excellent playground to understand the conversion process and its relevant parameters. Moreover, the regular nanostructures give the opportunity to tremendously increase the efficiency of devices.

Nano-structered sensing devices

The large and well defined surface of regular AAO templates can be functionalized to obtain sensors which are sensitive to the adsorption of gas molecules. The type of functionalization and the sensitivity to gasses is studied. The synthesis and the properties of the sensing devices are systematically studied with a focus on the feasibility of a device setup and the understanding and optimization of the relevant physical mechanisms.