Prof. Dr. Carsten Busse  hat einen Ruf an die Universität Siegen angenommen und wurde am 30. August 2017 zum W3-Universitätsprofessor für Experimentelle Nanophysik ernannt.

Neue Adresse lautet:

Prof. Dr. Carsten Busse
Universität Siegen
Fakultät IV Physik
Walter-Flex-Str. 3
57072 Siegen
Tel.: 0271 740 3583


The group of Prof. Busse is working in the field of material science using experimental surface science techniques, with a focus on two-dimensional (2D) materials. We prepare 2D materials and thin films under well defined conditions (epitaxial growth on single crystal substrates in ultra-high vacuum), modify these systems by inducing well-defined defects or with adsorption and intercalation of atoms or molecules, and investigate their properties mainly with scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). We are investigating graphene in depth,  and are currently also interested in more advanced 2D materials like monolayers of hexagonal boron nitride and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDC).