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We congratulate the third female Nobel laureate in physics

With Donna Strickland, the third woman in physics recently received the Nobel Prize. Previously this was only to Marie Curie in 1903, who had received the prize, as her husband Pierre Curie did not want to accept it without her. 60 years later, the prize went to Maria Goeppert Meyer, who, at the same time as Hans Jensen, declared the structure of the atomic nucleus and, together with him, received the Nobel Prize. Now, Donna Strickland has been awarded "just" 55 years after the last Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to a woman. If this series continues, the next Nobel Prize for a woman can be expected in 50 years! But even beyond this prestigious award, there are many more women who did Nobel Prize worthy research: alongside Lise Meitner, who discovered nuclear fission, e.g. also Chien Sun Wu, who experimentally revealed the parity violation, or Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who as a doctoral student discovered the pulsars, to name just a few examples. Other excellent researchers in the field of new lighting tools can be found, for example, in here or in the following publication of our working group: Denz and Vogt (2005): Einsteins Kolleginnen - Physikerinnen gestern und heute.

Web survey of physicist launched

We currently launched a web survey as part of a research project analyzing the work situation in physics. You can participate here in the survey. We would be very pleased to count on your participation.