Dr. Paul M. Näger

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Research interests

  • Philosophy of physics (esp. quantum theory, relativity theory, biophysics)
  • Philosophy of science (esp. causal reasoning, realism, laws of nature, scientific explanation, probabilistic methods, reduction / emergence)
  • Metaphysics (esp. causation, ontology, space and time, composition)
  • Philosophy of mind and neuroscience

Curriculum Vitae

2000-2008 Studies in physics and philosophy, LMU Munich
2008-2009 Studies in philosophy, University of Oxford
2008-2013 Dissertation: Entanglement and causation
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Manfred Stöckler, PD Dr. Meinard Kuhlmann
2010-2013 Research Fellow (Wiss. Mitarbeiter), Dept. of Philosophy, University of Bremen, Prof. Dr. Manfred Stöckler
since 2013 Research fellow (Wiss. Mitarbeiter), Dept. of Philosophy, WWU Münster, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krohs
Scholarships Foundation Maximilianeum (2000-06), Bavarian state (BayBFG, 2000-06), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, 2008-09), University of Bremen (2009-10)
Grants Research project of the German Research Foundation (DFG, 2010-13): The ontology of entangled quantum states, with Prof. Dr. Manfred Stöckler
Referee work Axiomathes, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Erkenntnis, Foundations of Physics, Journal for General Philosophy of Science, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Philosophia naturalis, Synthese, Theoria


Seminars at the WWU Münster (in German)
2016/17 Critical Rationalism
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
2016 Science and Religion
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
2015/16 Paradigms in the Humanities
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
2015 Scientific Explanations of Action
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
The Philosophy of Peter van Inwagen (with Ludger Jansen)
2014/15 Science and Pseudoscience
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
2014 Philosophy and Neuroscience of Perception
Causation and Correlation
Seminars at the University of Bremen (in German)
2013/14 Contemporary debates in philosophy of science
2013 Introduction to metaphysics
2012 Scientific realism or instrumentalism?
2011/12 Leibniz’ metaphysics
2011 Introduction to Hume's epistemology
2010/11 Realism and antirealism
2010 Space–Time–Relativity
2009 Introduction to the philosophy of quantum mechanics


  • [forthcoming] Quantum Entanglement and Causation. Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science. Dordrecht: Springer.
  • [forthcoming] Physical Composition by Bonding (with J. Husmann). In L. Jansen, P. M. Näger (ed.), Peter van Inwagen: Materialism, Free Will, and God, Springer.
  • 2016 Causation, Constitution and Existence (with G. Leonhard, A. Schäfers). In A. Bahr & M. Seidl (ed.), Ernest Sosa: Targeting his Philosophy, Dordrecht: Springer.
  • 2015 The Causal Problem of Entanglement. Synthese. doi:10.1007/s11229-015-0668-6.
  • 2014 Verschränkung und Nicht-Lokalität: EPR, Bell und die Folgen (with M. Stöckler). In C. Friebe et al., Philosophie der Quantenphysik, Heidelberg: Springer Spektrum.
    2nd (revised and enlarged) version forthcoming
  • 2014 Book: Philosophie der Quantenphysik (with C. Friebe, M. Kuhlmann, H. Lyre, O. Passon, M. Stöckler). Heidelberg: Springer Spektrum.
    2nd (revised and enlarged) edition forthcoming
  • 2012 Review: Fuchs, C.A.: Coming of Age with Quantum Information. Physik Journal 11 (3).
  • 2011 Report: Kuhlmann, M., Näger, P., & Stelzner, W.: GAP.7: Reflections and Projections: Challenges to Philosophy. Journal for General Philosophy of Science, 42, 177–183.
  • 2008 Einert, T. R., Näger, P., Orland, H., & Netz, R. R.: Impact of loop statistics on the Thermodynamics of RNA folding. Physical Review Letters, 101, 048103.