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1) mike davis
mike davis
mike davis: city of quartz dt.
2) bombay usw.
megastadt bombay
3) new york
4) die stadt im film
5) berlin
6) sowjetische architektur
sowjetische architektur
7) konzepte der stadtplanung
8) snow crash usw.
9) subkulturen new york / berlin
10) münster in 50 jahren

Matthew Jalbert
Up Above: The Geography of Suburban Sprawl in Southern California’s Antelope Valley
An extensive examination of the perils of sprawl development in Southern California’s Mojave Desert.

'Burbs, Blockbusting, and Blacks
Morphosis of the post-war American city.

Rick Adams
The Evening of the Alligator
New York has the number one scare story of all big cities. It is the story of the alligators in the sewers, a well known urban myth. It tells us everything we need to know about our attitudes toward cities.

Adam Schatz
The American Earthquake
Mike Davis and the politics of disaster.

Mike Davis
House of Cards
Las Vegas: Too many people in the wrong place, celebrating waste as a way of life.

When The Rivers Ran Dry
We may be the most reckless and suicidal overconsumers of water in world history.

Build it in Southern California's foothills, and it will burn.

Let Malibu Burn
A political history of the Fire Coast.

The Incendiary Other
The 1993 Malibu firestorms opened a Pandora's box of fear.

World Fire, vol. 4, Cycle of Fire
Anthropogenic fire is more than a tool, it is a conscious geological power.

Dark Raptures
A consumer's guide to the destruction of Los Angeles.

Monsters and Messiahs
Too often we equate wildness with urban disorder.

Learning From Tijuana
The art of ADOBE L.A.

Runaway Train Crushes Buses
Los Angeles County's Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the biggest transportation fiasco in modern American history.

Kajima's Throne of Blood
A struggle against an arrogant empire with a dark history, known as Kajima.

Hell factories in the field
A prison-industrial complex.

Beyond Blade Runner
Urban Control and The Ecology of Fear (link exits RUT)

Lecture, UC Berkeley, Feb. 1995
Notes from a lecture.

About Mike Davis

Emilio Spadola
In L.A., Out of Control
This is not an essay about L.A. It's about movies.

Christopher Leo
Urban Decay
Barricading our cities, and our minds.

Bank of America
Beyond Sprawl
The Bank of America’s ballyhood denunciation of suburban sprawl: “New patterns of growth to fit the new California.”

Michael Johns
A Walking Tour of San Francisco
A brief self-guided walking tour of San Francisco for the geographically inclined.

We gotta change the way we live. cloverleaf freeway
Turning Point Project

R U T :
Radical Urban Theory
RUT, like Exuberance, is produced by Matt Jalbert. Send email to